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Dollhouse 'Omega' Review

Dollhouse has faced many challenges when it came to delivery. Not many series carry this type of burden when it comes to telling a story. This episode was much better than I'd anticipated. Last week when Echo went running off with Alpha, I believed maybe Echo and Alpha formed some kind of pact together and they had some kind of heated romance thing going on. The fact that Alpha planted Echo with a personality he favored for her was a different twist.

Alpha, played by Alan Tudyk, caught me off guard last week, I wouldn't have guessed that such a dull-witted person would be Alpha, but he proved to be more than crazy could handle...

It's funny when you think about it, even though he killed Caroline, he really didn't, she could easily be implanted into someone else.

Madeline seemed more like Millie there. Do you think she remembered a fragment of Paul, or was it just natural attraction.
Paul also had guts, asking Madeline, for her real name. What was he trying to accomplish? To see if she still remembered him maybe?

Paul Ballard fit in pretty well in the Dollhouse. He fought so hard to get the Dollhouse only to stay...?
Maybe he liked the scenery. Did he buy Echo eh em... Caroline's freedom. What about the rest of the dolls? Maybe he may use Mellie's leaving the dollhouse as a means of sanctuary.... all the dolls must leave their houses some day. :)

The Echo/Alpha twist was interesting, compliments to Alan Tudyk for his portrayal of Alpha as he seemed to have misunderstood Echo deeply. For someone who was smart enough to get to Paul Ballard, imprint dolls to give Paul a message, infiltrate the Dollhouse and leave without a chase, he seemed very dull when it came to the endgame, maybe that's love for you plays with your head.
I had to point this out, what did think about Echo and Alpha having multiple brains, wouldn't your head explode if it's anything like a computer? And to only graze Echo with a shoulder bullet on his getaway? Maybe in his twisted mental, he still couldn't hurt her, much...

Finally a new revelation Dr. Claire Saunders played by
Amy Acker is a doll! That was unexpected.

It leaves you wondering, who else could be a doll. Topher you think, Adelle? Maybe the entire place is run by dolls? That is something to leave you guessing.

I admired the flashback scenes among Alpha/Echo and Dr. Saunders (Whiskey).
Couldn't they have wiped Whiskey's memories of Alpha, maybe they needed her in a office position more than in the field.

I laughed when Alpha immediately sprung one on Echo, Love at first sight. At least we all found out how Alpha scared the Dr.'s face.

Speaking of scared faces, wasn't it unprofessional of Dr. Saunders to call Victor ugly. Maybe that was just a glitch, she got annoyed at his 'How can i be my best'. Probably she was reacting to the fact that Alpha was still alive and watching Victor reminded her about her experience with Alpha. Whatever it was, Victor stood clueless, like an innocent child wondering why his mother suddenly threw a tantrum. What are they going to do with Victor, maybe they might need a male nurse.

Who else liked Caroline as a blonde, I really didn't take to her enough to mourn her death... so long as Echo was still standing I knew Caroline was still alive. I also knew that Echo wouldn't kill herself, Alpha wasn't going to have Caroline's heart.

Don't you love how Sierra is always imprinted with a 'smart-ass' personality. She always gives some smarty come on. Especially when it came to flirting with Paul.
As for Paul, if you can't beat your enemies, join them... don't agree, well Dollhouse has certainly grown on him, I pegged him for a Ken... (cheap shot, I Know) :)

Fun Quotes:

Alpha - "Whiskey, let Alpha be number one..."

Alpha - "I don't understand was I not my best! I was making Art!"
Handler - "Alpha you need to settle... you need a treatment"

Alpha - "I enjoy my treatments"
Topher - "Well you're gonna enjoy this one"
Treatment is some sort of comfort code word, which calms the dolls...
So someone's fantasy was to have a sadistic killer on the loose, doesn't dollhouse implement rules of some sort.

Alpha - "Alpha meet Omega"
They incorporated the show title...

Dr. Saunders/Whiskey - "You can't Victor, you can't be your best, your best is past, your past you can't even remember. You are ugly now! You are disgusting! All you can hope for now is pity and for that you are going to have to look somewhere else."

I mentioned whiskey above because
Dr. Saunders is Whiskey, and that would be something Whiskey would want to say. She is still scared from her Alpha encounter and is unable to deal with Victor's situation appropriately. Maybe they should have given Victor to some else. They say that the dolls are like children, imagine 'mummy' telling her son that! There was no way she could rationalize that, knowing that Victor is going through the same situation she once went through and they just imprinted her differently. Would they do the same to Victor?

Dollhouse shows true promise on each weekly installment. Past episodes have left me wondering 'Where are they taking this show'? and others including this installment reminds me why I like to watch Dollhouse. With more episodes like this maybe the rumors of the shows' cancellation might be just a memory. I am looking forward for more answers to this shows problematic equations.

Dollhouse Surprising Doll Revelation -
Dr. Claire Saunders played by Amy Acker !!!

Hacking her doll file, only to not open it.

She found out she was a doll and dealt with it, few of the lucky ones or maybe not so much...

On the other Hand, this didn't feel like the Finale.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B+

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