Sunday, May 3, 2009

In Plain Sight 'Gilted Lily' Review

Mary Is Back, and she's happy?

The pilot was what caught my attention for this stunning series. though I felt the latter of season one didn't quite quench my thirst for suspense or live up to my expectations.

The excitement for this season was an eye opener, as Mary tried to cope with the trama she endured last seasons. Mary's sarcastic outbursts weren't as prevalent, but all the other events made up for her character glitches, which proved hilarious on many levels.

Mary was still traumatized over her kidnapping; it makes sense, Mary is one to be in control of her life, her kidnappers took that power away away from from her and left her vulnerable and drained. Ironically, the only thing able to give Mary the power she needs to survive, is the same job which places her life in jeopardy.

We welcome a new character Eleanor Prince, played by Holly Maples. It appears that her role is to put disorder into Mary's lifestyle. Everyone else praises Mary, there must be one person placed to play the opposing role. Mary doesn't really budge, even when Eleanor rearranges the desks- sort of like having someone come into your home and telling where your furniture should go. Still, Mary stood her ground, and Eleanor became the temp. boss. Hopefully not for long.

Mary on the other hand tried to be nice to everyone. She still struggles with her emotions and goes into what I call 'Default Mode' Nice. :)
Even her 'Nice' approach felt forced. She was still trying to find her Niche which was even more complicated for her to handle. She stood back and let Marshall take the lead, well sort off.

'Gifted Lily' dealt with a past clientele of Mary's who turns up suspiciously dead. The opening scene gave a brief history of the family sometime before they went into the 'Witness Protection program'. We are introduced to the two girls and one boy at a young age ready for adventure and action, anything that spelt trouble-at least for the girls anyway, tey were the ones to find the poisoned coins where the 'gang' hid it.

Of course when the coins turned up suspiciously missing, a fight sprawled out among the member causing the family to witness the murder. Surprisingly the show didn't pick up until a few years after the mother was shot and the guy pinned for her assault released from prison. This episode mainly focused on the missing coins and the now grown children which included Gilmore Girls' Liza Weil.

All the other members of the gang weren't captured, some were said to have been killed and the coins were made to be responsible. Though it's been years and one of the members has been out of jail, but claimed to be changed because he was forgiven. Seemed funny at the time, but it was kind of cool that he sought redemption at least someone did.

Mary and Marshall worked well together (Let's call them M&M shall we) :)
When Stan finally took a stand (pun intended), like a boss should and stood up to Mary, I was actually liking him there for a moment, actually living up to his title. His stance flipped a switch in Mary, as she lost it! Tossing her desk aside.
"I've had it, first you tell me Marshall's in charge, this Bi*** comes into to rearrange my desk and now you're the boss...That's It!"

It was sweet how Marshall followed her, he's sort of like a brother, a close friend, a shoulder for Mary to cry on. Though he shouldn't have corrected McQueen for playing boss or even hurting Mary's feelings, that's is a boss' job. on the other hand, as a boss he should be sensitive to the trauma Mary went through.

Non-the-less, the coins were discovered to be the guilty culprits which took Mary's client's life, which even take the children's life as well. It's funny how siblings protect each other, hiding the truth from the Mary and only when there lives were in danger were they willing to give the other up.

Everyone found their silver lining; Mary with a partiality. Raphael was shown here, and I did miss him. The Mary-Brandi-Raphael triangle wasn't really resolved.

What's up with Jinx, getting drunk after she got a role, shouldn't she have drank after she played the role.

Anyway, I loved this one. This season gave a powerful opener. Thumbs up to Mary McCormack and to Liza Weil for a brilliant performance.


Four and a half out out Five Stars

Grade A-

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