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Prison Break 'Killing Your Number' Review


Fox has announced that Prison Break is ending after a full Four season run. This series ended with 'Killing Your Number' which aired on May 15th on Fox.



This final installment ended with many twists.

We welcome back Paul Adelstein reclaiming his role as Paul Kellerman . We remember him from 'Sona' the Season 2 finale of Prison Break, where he was believed to be dead even though we didn't really see the actual murder I held out for him. Halfway through Season 3 I lost hope that Kellerman would resurface and imagined that the writers would continue to leave us hanging in the balance. His revelation was probably the only one that surprised me the most.

Another character we didn't see since Season 2 was Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin. Last time we saw him, he was being sent off to witness protection to testify against Mahone.
I knew it was him following Sucre from the moment he stepped out of his car and his revelation was poorly executed. His testimony fell through, because Mahone wasn't around to be convicted and he somehow formed an alliance with Kellerman.

Sucre also came back for the Finale and Maricruz played by Camille Guaty, was nowhere around. It would have been nice to see her here.
Sucre and C-Note teamed up together to take down the company, find Scylla and Micheal and get off on a clean slate. Whew... that was a lot to sink in.

Even after we lost Michael's mother, I felt as though they cheated Lincoln by saying he was a foster child. It sure explained why his 'mother' would leave him to rut in jail, but couldn't they come up with something else!

Scylla is in the right hands and everyone's slate is clean...

Four Years Later...

Mahone is dating dating Agent Lang. I know they had some kind of loyalty towards each other, but I really didn't feel the connection between them.

Lincoln and Sofia are together while LJ goes off to college. LJ was another character missed here, he wasn't shown at all. I used to love the father-son connection between Lincoln and LJ.

Sucre got his family back, but it was still odd watching that scene with his daughter. I kept wondering, where is Maricruz?

C-Note had his clean slate with his job as a UPS delivery man.

Krantz got the chair. The very same situation that Lincoln was in about eight (8) years ago Prison Break time. It's sad that he didn't have a brother to break him out.

T-bag was back to square one, in jail and back to his no-good ways. It also looked like they sent him straight back to Fox River, maybe he should have just stayed... what was the point of him breaking out.

Self was like a vegetable in what seemed like an institute of some kind, I actually felt sorry for him!

Kellerman was one whose slate wasn't completely cleaned as he received a visit from Allison, the widow of Daniel Hale (Danny). Kellerman killed Danny in 'Brother's Keeper', Season 1 Episode 16 of Prison Break. It showed that not everyone can run away from their past mistakes.

They began showing everyone before Micheal and I kept wondering... maybe... Michael's nose started to bleed again so it also meant that the surgery didn'twork.
Lincoln, Sucre, Mahone, Sarah and Michael Jr. were all going somewhere, excluding C-Note from the reunion. From the moment they showed everyone other than Michael I knew it, he had to have passed on. Which left me wondering, how long did Michael have with his son?
It was only when they all gathered around his grave sight that I realized the series end.

The writers rushed so many story lines in the ending that everything felt jumbled and at some points it was hard to keep up. Micheal's mother was mellow in the beginning, but she eventually spiraled out of control that there was a bit of relief there when Sarah pulled the trigger. I found it strange how at one point she couldn't order a hit on Lincoln's life, then it was so easy for her to shoot him and plunge her heel through his wound (very cold-even if he wasn't your son lady!).

I still didn't find it believable that everyone's slate was clean in the end. What about the entire country's memory of the 'Ten Most Wanted Men' who eventually declined. How did they manage to sweep everyone's slate clean, without repercussion and just by signing a contract?
There were still some funny bits to this finale which I thought that could have been executed much better.

Season Four wasn't my favorite season for Prison Break. It began with a big 'Bang' of a Season 1 and slowly diminished throughout each season, even though I could say that I loved Season 2 and 3 far more than Season 4. Everything in Season 4 was a big run around. Characters popped in and out of nowhere and then there was the unnecessary bloodshed and wild cards pulled at every stop. T-bag became less ruthless and more ridiculous and Sara's pregnancy came out of nowhere!

Needless to say, Prison Break was my favorite series and still is. They had a brilliant cast and guest star performances. Even though there were some questionable moments, Prison Break would always be remembered and would truly be missed.

I would prefer not to give this one a specific rating towards the episode alone...


Given that this is the finale bearing a score is without difficulty. Prison Break has taken us on a journey and there were many bumps and mistrials along the way. I am sure this is a sad time for most Prison Break fans, although I still would have preferred a different end to this series.


Three out of Five Stars

Grade C-

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