Friday, May 22, 2009


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC) met it's official demise on May 18th, 2009.


Now TSCC, was one of my favorite television series, if not in my top five and I am very strict about that Top Five' list such that only few make the cut.
Lena Headey, Summer Glau, Thomas Dekker... to name a few presented a brilliant cast which grew on me throughout each season.

Season two ended with John facing his father Kyle Reese and what seemed to be Cameron in human form. The rest was left for speculation.

I was deeply saddened when I heard the announcement of the final cut, that I still even now hold out hope for this series.

It wasn't bad, it made sense, they have a talented cast, so why was this series cut?
Sure many complained of few viewers on a weekly basis, but if this series was able to captivate my interest, I am sure it did the same to millions.

What I was mostly surprised of was the renewal of Dollhouse for another season. Dollhouse struggled with viewer ratings as well, but it still managed to somehow pull off a complete turn around. I have to admit, I am more upset with Dollhouse making the cut and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles flunking.
Season one TSCC was far better than Dollhouse's.

What went wrong? Why was TSCC pulled?

Many of us would ask these questions. I always wondered why TSCC wasn't able to pull the viewer poll, but I do know the internet is filled with avid fans that know the series inside out, some probably even make it into their lives.

It's sad really, but I must commend Josh Friedman, the creator of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, for giving us a brilliant series. I certainly enjoyed it and I don't think I could find a way to part with it... just yet.

TSCC still deserves a better ending, I am sure they had a Season 3 planned there somewhere, to answer all our questions about skynet, what happens to Sarah and much more.

Many series seem to be ending too early lately. What ever happened to keeping a series for the least 3 seasons. Leave it to Fox to have a show grow into family only to have it ripped from our lives.

Maybe we could subscribe to our very own fanfiction, create our own ending, anything that would help us to cope with these gripping loose ends.



The_Brain said...

Gosh I'm still not over the loss of TTSCC, this is so frustrating. The finale episode was full of great developpement but was definitely not fit for a series finale. I mean, they could have at least given a decent death to Derek. Giving the history and the impact of the character, I think the writes should have taken more time on his death.

But anyway, things are done apparently, the tv show is done.
I'm started to get tired of FOX and their sceptism toward sci-fi shows...

Lexa Cliche said...

They should give us a proper ending. I was really surprised when I heard that the show was going to be canceled because I was really expecting a continuation from the cliffhanger.

You are right, they left Derek's death just open to scrutiny. They really need to give us a proper ending, otherwise they would just be slapping us in the face with that cliffhanger of a series finale.