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Smallville 'Stiletto' Review

This was not
Erica Durance's Finest Episode!

'Stiletto' focused on Lois and her depreciating name, where she would do anything... for her biggest story yet! It came to the point where someone would mention 'Lois Lane' and the only response would be 'WHO!'. Basically Lois wanted that prospect to change and creating Stiletto, a made up superhero, provided her with the ammunition to do just that. I say ammunition carefully, because it could easily blow up in her face.

All Lois had to do was kick some bad guy a**, save Chloe from a bad robber and make her name in the superhero stars of victory!
Although that scene with the robber seemed to be too easy, I wondered why Chloe looked like the 'damsel in distress' when she could easily kick some robber a** just as much as Lois.

"Are you some kind of superhero"
"Call me Stiletto"...
Lois embanked like a hero as her foot of armor paralyzed the bad robber on the floor and her hair blew in the wind claiming her victory as the superhero she was born to be.

It felt as though the writers were giving us a comic fairytale there. At one point I imagined that an actual superhero possessed Lois' body. Lois had to be desperate, because not even Lois Lane would stoop to that level.

Stiletto's name rose through the internet waves like a plague, already fans were teaming up 'The Red Blue Blur' and 'Stiletto' as Bluretto. (I wonder if I spelt it correctly?)
It's about time they shorten that Red Blue Blur title, how's about Blur man, or wait Super Blur, come on guys help me out here, wait I think I've got it Superm... okay let's slow things down a bit.

This entire episode came across as Comical.
The only bit of the show I really admired was the Chloe and Doomsday scenes.
Allison Mack did a wonderful portrayal of a 'Chloe in need of some serious psychological assistance', bearing the blood on her hands, cleaning up Davis, eh em Doomsday's mess. She was keeping a secret to protect Clark (Chloe deserves a Friend of the year award). After having agreed to staying with Davis under the circumstances, she had to be home before certain time to prevent Doomsday from emerging. I thought Chloe carried more than a load and a burden here, that she practically broke down by the dumpster throwing the remains of the man which accosted her in her home.

I still didn't find out what Chloe and Davis did after Chloe latched the basement door in 'Eternal', hold hands maybe?

It does present a creepy image; harvesting Doomsday in your basement, nothing about that is good and there is only so much Chloe could handle and a human being.
She even almost blurted it out to Lois...

Chloe "Can I tell you something..."
Chloe if you want to tell someone something, you don't ask you just tell them!
Then again how would, 'I'm living with a creature that kills people only when I'm not around him' sound to anyone.

Chloe and Lois did share a personal moment, when Lois came by to ask about Jimmy's whereabouts. (Since when were Lois and Jimmy buddies). Anyway, talk of 'Facebook' surfaced when Chloe mentioned removing Jimmy from her page. I would surprised given the amount of difficulty and excitement in their lives, that they even had the chance to put up an account... i wonder if Clark has one?

Speaking of Jimmy, it's been a while since we've seen him really, especially after he walked out on Chloe. He's working in a bar nonetheless, trying to make a living, be it the legal or illegal way. His boss seemed to be doing a lot of illegal work on the side, creating counterfeit money out of Kryptonite...why Kyrptonite?
Jimmy knew who he was working for, enough to get an upfront in 'pay' if it had a double meaning, because it was suggested that Jimmy was hooked silly on his prescription drugs, waiting for his next fix.
Boss "...but this is the last time"

Jimmy came to Lois' rescue, being the only person who could take a picture and the only person Lois could trust with her secret. He was foolish enough to get the same camera confiscated from his Boss who was on an apparent high over Stiletto, the new superhero in town. Why would Jimmy keep pictures of Chloe around on that camera in specific, does that mean he's not over her (Of course he's not!), or was that a convenient twist on the writers end, getting the new mob boss to take the camera only the get leverage over Jimmy. Why bother to search through his camera at all if they just wanted to rough him up? It would have gotten Jimmy more upset if they smashed it right there, takes up less time as well!

Even if Jimmy did get 'Stiletto' on camera, do superhero often leave their contact numbers attached with a personal address stating 'you could reach me here anytime'. Obviously it would have been a waste of time asking Jimmy about Stiletto's whereabouts.

Did Lois really think a mask would cover her identity, especially towards the people that knew her. Didn't Oliver teach her anything there?
Stiletto's identity was revealed in no time, and Clark's own was almost revealed as well, when he presented himself to Stiletto eh em Lois. Clark had to think on his feet, it was easier on his part being in plain clothes. Maybe all Lois needed to do was wear her plain clothes and no one would have found out her identity. Maybe Superm... eh Clark um Red Blur Blur could learn from that experience.

Extra Treats

**Clark gave Lois the 'big potential story' she wanted in the end.

**Chloe threw that scarf around her neck hastily before Lois arrived, where did it come from?

**Even though Davis' or Doomsday's presence was not screened, his implied viscious capabilities were well captured.



Three and a half out of Five Stars

Grade C+

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