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Gossip Girl 'The Goodbye Gossip Girl' Review

I absolutely loved this scene where Blair posed before the camera's after Serena gained publicity from being arrested :)

Like the title, it is time to say Goodbye to our most loved series. Okay I'm kidding, most of our series are meeting their finale stage and don't seem to be coming back. Gossip Girl is not falling into this category as it was picked up for another season.

Confirmed by Gossip Girl Insider

In fact Gossip Girl did say Goodbye high school.

'The Goodbye Gossip Girl' marked the end of high school and the beginning of college, for Gossip Girl as well. Which could also mean that Gossip Girl is a part of the Serena, Blair, Dan...etc year group.

As for College:
Serena is off to Brown
Blair... NYU

and Chuck, well he's all going to be all independent and take over his father's business.

This episode dealt with Gossip Girl and an attempt to discover her true identity, something I felt should have been dealt with throughout this season and not in the final episode.

The Whole Bit:

Gossip Girl labels all the main characters socially embarrassing themes;
Chuck - coward (Afraid to commit... so the bond between Blair and Chuck is obvious)
Blair - weakling (Blair did lose her edge)
Dan - the ultimate insider (According to Blair, pretends that he doesn't want to be a socialite but plays one anyway)
Nate - class whore (Do you blame Gossip Girl, first Serena while he was with Blair, then Blair, then Vanessa, then Blair...)
Serena - officially irrelevant once high school's over!

Well Serena's label was what Gossip Girl crossed the line with officially irrelevant, who does Gossip Girl think she is! At least that was what went through Serena's mind and encouraged her to pull the plug on Gossip Girl.
She began pooling her resources together; working with Blair, Chuck and Nate. (The master rebels, because Dan and Vanessa wanted nothing to do with the scheme). She also got her brother (Eric) and his boyfriend (Still getting used to that) who surprisingly hacked into Gossip Girl's server himself, some kind of computer whiz.
So he was able to dish about Gossip Girl's most incriminating information which also gave the motivation for Serena to threaten Gossip Girl herself, but that was a big mistake.
It also gave Jenny the material needed for the ideal gossip the mean girls requested for one to be queen.

At Nate's graduation party...
Nelly revealed her potential feelings towards Dan, but chickened out when she saw Serena standing at bay...
Gossip Girl revealed her biggest downfall, like Blair who slept with Jack Bass (almost forgot that one) and Chuck sleeping with Vanessa... I wonder where she got her tips from?
It was sad really she blamed everything on Serena!
So Chuck went on Blair's case about her 'affair', surprisingly he wasn't the most understanding of all. Blair busted Chuck's chops about sleeping with Vanessa and then attacked Serena, putting all the blame on her for not leaving well enough alone.
I was surprised though, Nate was exceptionally cool towards Vanessa about the sleeping with Chuck thing, it was like he completely ignored it!

So Serena sought revenged asking Gossip Girl to meet her at 1 Oak otherwise she would reveal her true identity. (How foolish did she think Gossip Girl was!)
Soon enough Dan showed up, followed by well everyone... and Gossip Girl goes to college.

Aside... Blair spills her heart to Chuck, again and Chuck well bailed leaving a crushed Blair to cry and even spill her beans to Jenny in the Ladies. In that moment Blair realized Jenny's destiny to be the new Queen B. Not to the likings of the meanies and a recurring role from Stella Maeve as Emma Boardman, the newbie wannabee introduced in Season 2 Episode 9 of 'There Might be Blood'. Emma wants to be the new queen and plays the bitch at that.

Final pieces...
Gossip Girl crosses over to college.
Lily accepts Rufus' proposal after they made up.
Jenny becomes queen.
Nate agrees to go backpacking with Vanessa.
Georgina pulls in on the final scene claiming she got the money back from Poppy (How?) ...and she requests to be Blair's roommate at NYU. (How long would that last?)
Dan's brother a.k.a Lily and Rufus' lovechild tracks Dan down. (okay)
Chuck tells Blair he loves her... finally.
Carter Bazien finds Serena's father (...didn't really know she was looking.)
The End

This episode was fairly okay, although there were some questionable cliffhangers which felt like it was just poked into the ending.

I might be in the few, but I didn't really follow the Blair-Chuck storyline, I liked them much more before they became all lovie-dovie towards each other. I have to admit though, that final scene between them was beautifully done.

I felt that Nate was a little soft by not acknowledging the fact that Vanessa slept with Chuck. Especially seeing that Chuck slept with Blair and Vanessa (both his girlfriends). I expected him to show a little emotion towards it. Everything was just dismissed there.
Even him agreeing to go backpacking with her, a little acknowledgment would have been appreciated. Maybe it might be picked up next season.

I used to follow Lily and Rufus in the beginning, but now something has changed between them, ever since they got together.
It was more interesting when Lily and Rufus had that distance from each other.

I still look forward for next season, I might not have been impressed with this installment much, but it was far better than last season's 'Much 'I Do' About Nothing' finale.



Three and a Half out of Five Stars

Grade C+

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