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Gossip Girl 'Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' Review

Georgina's Back!

...but is she really?

It wasn't just me...

you did see her hugging Chuck right?

Were Chuck and Nate Bonding?

Trial and Error :)

Look who's also back, Vanessa! Only to confess to Dan about her mishap with Chuck... twice. She was seen no where around Chuck this episode, but we missed her last episode because she'd been busy scanning for STD patches and ensuring her clean bill of health before she could drink all her sorrows away with her bff Dan. Do you blame her! After all, sleeping with Chuck did have its risks because of the many before Vanessa (many being an understatement). I wonder if Blair worried that much though? ...

Speaking of Blair and Chuck, their on-again-off-again relationship was sort of on-again-off-again again. Chuck attempted to rekindle the flame that hadn't officially blown out between them. It could be the fact that Nate was on-again with Blair that made Chuck a bit possessive of Blair (a sort). So maybe it was a coincidence that Blair and Chuck met up while Blair was stalking Serena's boyfriend (Gabriel), but it somehow felt like they were back to their old manipulative ways-working together-pulling schemes.

Isn't it funny how close Serena and Gabriel became? She was practically almost-sort-of married to the guy so it made sense right?
I didn't buy into it though, especially the motivation that got Blair into a spying spree. It only took Serena to utter the phrase "I haven't really been seeing Gabriel much lately... he just leaves" and already Blair had a mystery to solve. It was qute sloppy of Gabriel to make out with Poppy in public, wasn't he afraid that someone from Gossip Girl would pick it up- knowing how intertwined Serena's life is in Gossip Girl, or was that part of the plan?

Chuck didn't seem to mind, as long as he got to work with Blair, all of his troubles went away, he loved playing Private Eye! He even knew how much Nate hated how much time he was spending with Blair, so it was all for the better.

The reasons for which they found Gabriel out, not remembering the right bar, not getting his story straight was just to easy, it lacked the necessary challenge to solving a mystery and everything unraveled a bit too quickly in one episode.

Wait was that Georgina we saw all 'high spirited' and 'far fetched', maybe she was 'high' because that wasn't the Georgina we remembered!
The next time I expected to see Georgina would be to watch her ruthless, savage and un-worthy ways to surface again, that it would just slap you in the face and we were slapped, but just too silly watching Georgina laver Chuck with an embrace. This storyine has been done many times over, bad girl seeks forgivness gone bad again(...if that's the direction headed). Maybe her true colors would overcome her in episode to come after she is face to face with Blair perhaps?
She did seem more interested in going back to town when Chuck mentioned Blair's name. Was that a revenge look, or did she want to personally ask for Blair's forgiveness.

A rookie could have seen through Gabriel and Poppy's scheme, so why didn't Blair or even Chuck? This episode took over the revlation of Poppy and Gabriel's scam for money, so it's confirmed, they just used Serena to squeence some cash out of her (another storyline which had been done many times before). I laughed when he said he loved Serena and choose her over Poppy (of course we all knew it was an act).
Serena continues to live life on the edge, spending the more than revealing time with Serena-how did Poppy feel about that-so long as it's just for business., just until he screwed her in the ending possibly running off with the cash.

I felt a bit of compassion towards Rufus, even though I belived he acted hastly; investing into a sham without even finding out more concrete information about what he was investing into-maybe he was just desperate, but still even desperation has it's price. Did I sense a shred of guilt when Gabriel took the cash from Rufus- so stealing from the rich is alright, but to the not so fortunate you get a guilty conscience. Stealing is stealing no matter how you spin it-unless you're Robin hood and you're good with a bow and arrow, well I am all for it! :)

Extra Treats

**So Nate is Jealous of Chuck aye, how would he feel if he found out that Chuck slept with Vanessa.
"So what buddy are you going to start sleeping with all my girlfriends now hmm!"

**It's obvious the Chuck-Blair roller coaster is still going on, this machine must ware out sometime!

**Blair afraid to travel by train, hmm maybe she got too used to those limos (I meant Chuck).

**At one point I believd they were going to put Vanessa and Dan together, that would be somethig to talk about.

**Rufus could be proposing to Lily soon, so by law her money could be his as well, that would solve his financial debt!

**Wess, Jenny's new friend wasn't present here, I wonder if we'll be seeing more of him?

**Finally Georgina's back, what do you think her first words with Blair would be?

Gossip Girl has seen far better executed installments and even though this episode was given an okay, I really do not favor the storyline much... hoping for a change.



Three out of Five Stars

Grade C

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