Friday, May 15, 2009

Smallville 'Doomsday' Review

So this was the big Finale we've
all been waiting for!

This was the big fight between Doomsday and Clark Kent the ...according to Jimmy, SuperGuy!

Smallville used a fine twenty-one (21) installments to build up a dynamic relationship between Doomsday and Clark's unfulfilled destiny.
Smallville also used these installments at best to develop Clark into a 'Superhero' image and to set Davis into his doomed path.
Every minute spent on Smallville this season was well proficient, even though there were a few tweaks and minor adjustments needed, Smallville pulled it off, one of the reasons why this finale - didn't cut it!

The Whole Bit:

Chloe and Davis are still on the run together even though it was obvious that Chloe couldn't keep the beast within Davis as well as she did before; clearly because her feelings towards Davis had strictly turned into some mission for her to protect Clark and not Davis.
Still Tess' mission is to take down Doomsday and that meant tracking them down, but she is at a set back when the Orb from her vault goes missing, revealed to be by Clark himself.

In the opening scene, Clark is visited by one of the Legion members, Rokk who travels back in time to warn Clark that in the future Clark is dead. Revealing that by Clark saving Chloe instead of killing her when she was infected by Brainiac, it caused the future to change massively signing Clark's death warrant. When Clark saved Chloe, he also saved her connection to Doomsday which prevented Clark from killing Davis.

Clark created a plan to bury Doomsday deep under the earth only after Doomsday is separated using the Black kryptonite. Oliver shows his resentment towards' the plan and accuses Clark of being afraid to kill for the better of mankind and takes over Clark's leader role by injecting him with Krptonite. He detains Chloe and Davis, but not long enough before Doomsday surfaces and Chloe is forced to use the Black kryptonite to split 'The Beast' from Davis.

Doomsday reeks havoc on the community and with a helping hand from Jimmy, Clark is released from the Krptonite grip and is able to carry out his initial plan.

Lois and "The Red-Blue-Blur" have another conversation where Lois tries to arrange a meet between them.
Tess and Lois have a fallout inadvertently causing Lois to grab Tess' legion ring and transport herself away.
Chloe and Jimmy make up only to have Davis kill Jimmy when he realized that Chloe didn't have real feelings for him.

Clark blames himself for Jimmy's death and removes himself from any emotional connection by deeming 'Clark Kent' dead!

A creature emerges from Tess' bedroom presenting echoes of the word 'Zod', burning the House of Zod symbol on the floor.

The End

Problems I found with this Finale:

Tess, for believing that Lois had the capacity to break into her vault and escape without
being detected.

The conversation between Lois and Clark on the phone was too long when compared to the fight between Clark and Doomsday and was probably even unnecessary.

The fight between Doomsday and Clark was a major let down! Everything happened in the blink of an eye, literally.

Doomsday took so many episodes to emerge and when he eventually did, his defeat only took
a few seconds and was poorly executed.

Everything about Doomsday in this episode well ...really didn't cut it!

The scene between Chloe and Jimmy was too happily ever after and it was known before
that it wasn't going to be all good.

The Chloe-Jimmy-Davis triangle was predictable.

Things I liked in this Finale:

Allison Mack's acting was flawless. She has the ability to draw an audience in, even through a silly plot.

The conversation between Clark and Rokk, where they incorporated a change in future because Clark saved Chloe's live. It was mentioned in 'Legion' that Chloe wasn't in Rokk's time. It's good to know find that each action had its consequence.

The presence of a possible villain, Zod. His presence showed that Doomsday was used to divert our attention away from the real villain.

Learning about Jimmy's little brother.

Clark realizing his emotional connections are what keeps him from doing his job effectively and relinquishing all ties from everyone he knows.

Final Cut:

If this wasn't the Finale all would have been fine, but it was and it didn't give the explosion needed. I keep mentioning throughout this review, the Doomsday battle was a huge letdown, I even wondered whether or not I missed out on a few minutes of the show. One minute Doomsday is punching Clark in slow motion and the next second Clark zooms Doomsday up into an explosion. The explosion wasn't even screened!

The writers rushed this finale and the also rushed the relationship between Lois and The Red-Blue-Blur so much that I didn't even feel the connection between them. Erica Durance was way underused this season and her portrayal of Lois is beginning to lose its edge.

This doesn't mean that the next season is out for me. I just hope that Season 9 ties up Season 8's loose ends...


I'll give it a...


Two and a Half out of Five Stars

Grade D

Dinah and Bart


Jrice said...

Allison Mack really blew this season up. I was so happy with amount of screen time she was given. I agree that this was an disappointing finale. I didn't even know the Doomsday fight was over until after we saw Clark at the funeral. I was all, "WTF? Its daylight? Where did Clark and Doomsday go?"

The_Brain said...

I also liked the fact that Allison Mack have had more screen time this season, she is a really great actress.
I was a bit disappointed by the "supposed to be big" finale. Every point presented in the post is valid, I expected more from the fight between Doomsday and Clark as well. I mean come on ! This is Doomsday we are talking about, that thing freaking killed Superman, well nearly killed, but anywho.
I didn't understand the Tess/Lois part either, what made her suspect Lois, shouldn't Clark or Oliver be the most obvious suspect?
The legion played only a minor part in this episode, and it's really odd that Doomsday let them live after knocking them unconscious.

On the good side, Zod's arrival is foreshadowing pretty dark things to come in the next season, which is awesome. The last minute of the episode alone was enough to make it a good season finale; Well, that part and the moment with Chloe and little Jimmy Olsen.

I also liked the Lois/Red-Blue-Blur phone call, no matter how optional that scene was.