Monday, October 19, 2009

Castle 'Fool Me Once' Review

'Fool me once; shame on you, fool me twice...'

This is a common phrase known by most of us and we can surely fill in the blank. It was definitely the statement of the entire episode, when it comes to shams, cons and being fooled time and time again.

From the moment the show opened with a guy who looked like an Eskimo vacationing in the Pacific, well I knew he would have been beheaded if not in front of the children the after wards. It is after all how the best crime dramas are initiated.

'Fool Me Once' surrounded the life of a con man who wanted to change and clean himself up for the woman he loved. Half the time I couldn't care for the characters they threw on our trail to whiff up as the murderer; the woman he coned for her life long savings, the teacher involved in the con (except he was on the other end of the conversation, accessory would have been good enough), his fiancee, her father and the list would probably go on.

I suspected the fiancee at first and the entire partner wanting a piece in the con gone wrong was basically a sham, I couldn't really care who did it after a while. The only thing that actually made this episode interesting was Castle's witty comments and Beckett's desire to make love to Castle's book-that definitely should reflect how she feels about Castle, since she treated his book like a drug she couldn't shake off, even on the job in the bathroom.

Another favorite scene would have been Castle's mysterious CIA contact, the act itself has been done before, but it did the job. I couldn't help but laugh at his 'agent skills' or even 'magical skills' to vanish out of thin air.

This time Alexis' urge to play the violin as a side plot felt out of place. I am usually accustomed to her role as being the little voice in Castle's ear telling him what to do about a dead end case. Aside from her instructor's attractive nature, Castle had every right to be concerned, he didn't even introduce himself properly to 'The Father'. Nothing like the chatter between Castle and Beckett to keep the show going.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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