Monday, October 19, 2009

Smallville 'Rabid' Review

There is not much we can let slide when one of our favorite series turns into a slight remake of another film, series be it.

I was actually intrigued by 'Metallo' even though there were the 'blah' moments it was still a part of consistency embedded into the Season 9 approach. I actually expected to see a bit more of Zod and get some questions answered about Lois' dream, but when this episode opened with a shirtless Clark running out into a deserted town and a drooling Lois, I remember turning away from the television and letting off a deep sigh saying 'They didn't just do that'.

Maybe this sci-fi-horror-action filled episode was placed in the third episode slot for a reason. They needed to develop Zod's plot since he's barely getting enough screen time. The writers probably wanted us to shiver at the thought that this is what Zod is capable of to bring the Krptonion to front view. The writers possibly believed that they could use the hype from '28 Days Later' and maybe a dose of 'Resident Evil' to draw out the intensity in the plot, that 'Smallville' could pull it off, but I really couldn't tolerate it. I didn't like Lois' zombie-like side and I surely didn't want to have that image lasting in mind.

The only thing commendable for the writers would be their take on Lois and Clark and bringing them closer together, what better than a horror movie shaped into a series format, to get them working together.

As much as I appreciate their moments, there cannot be lapses like this again. There is only so much I tolerate, especially with the shows I admire.



Three Stars

Grade C-

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