Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Office 'The Promotion' Review

It takes two to tango, but all fall down when there are two bosses to any office. Jim and Michael both hold two completely different prospects into running the office, which caused them to crash dramatically especially when it came to making the tough decisions.

What I found most amusing was that I actually believed that Jim was trying to help and not completely take over. Although there were some times where Jim wished he were the only boss, it was only because he believed that his method would work to making the office a more efficient place.

Sadly he was most mistaken. Over the years, Michael has been the Charismatic boss; a people pleaser who would back down the second he thought that someone didn't like him.

In one day Jim actually believed that taking an Autocratic approach, things could actually change. What makes this storyline intriguing is that it reflects our everyday lifestyle in the workplace, but on a more human-less-comedic manner.

Jim failed to realize that the people in the office had grown so accustomed to Michael's people favor ways-unable to ever deliver bad news, that they couldn't even sit back and listen to who was in charge. In a typical work day my boss would announce some cut backs in wages to meet the lower profit margins; you would have one or two complaints but that does nothing at the end of the day-what the boss says goes.

Which is why I found it surprising when Jim and Michael hid away from the oddly annoyed workers. No one wants to be the deliverer of bad news.

There are many times I thought back to the earlier seasons from 'The Office' and would notice how Jim interacted with Michael; that was the first time they were on the same level of authority and Michael was the one advising him on how the job is done. At the end of the day, we really didn't know what their decision was.


Ryan: "Question for you would you guys rather have a hundred dollars now or five thousand dollars a year from now".
Maybe Pam should have stock to her first decision, at least the hundred is guaranteed.

Jim: "Michael is my only friend left in the office, except Pam-I think"

Michael: "Just Pretend we're not here"

Dwight: "People are starting to notice how terrible Jim is. It's great eventually they'll rise up and revolt. My only hope is that they do it sooner rather than later..."


Dwight soiling Jim and Michael's, put a bead on who you think best deserves a raise, plan.
I wonder if Jim didn't place one on Pam really because Pam really didn't do much, sadly she was just the secretary.

Michael and Jim's final scene.


Four Stars

Grade B-

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