Monday, October 19, 2009

Castle 'Inventing The Girl' Review

Castle - "It's Fashion week in New York City and the clothes are to die for"

When it comes to Castle, anything is a good thrill if its a murder investigation. What better to spruce of the lives of the essential male detective than to have a murder investigation listing a dead model. It takes a huge loss to bring true happiness. Castle even picked up Alexis' past babysitter at the agency, although I knew he wasn't really going to go out with her.

Since no one picked up a dress or shaved their head from 'The Double Down' it was safe to say all bets were off. The strange photographer was my first suspect, seeing that the writers just placed him in front view for no reason. It was certainly a shocker when it was revealed that the husband took his wife's life. Maybe he didn't really love her that much if he allowed jealousy to consume him, or maybe he loved her too much.

Nuff' said, the twist was interesting enough to throw you into a wild goose chase and even though Castle's family life is on the low, the writers make good use of his mother and daughter, so much that their plots remain interesting. There is still no advancement in Beckett's mother's case or even a whiff as to whether or not Castle dropped it all together. Castle and Beckett seem to be more chummy than ever, so it would make sense if Castle did send the case file to the wolves, but something just doesn't smell right. After all, Castle is a writer, he has to find that story and maybe nothing is being revealed now, but soon his curiosity would get the better of him.

When we think back to the plot of a wife who loved her husband, but because of a misunderstanding he kills the best person in his life. Some people could relate to not trusting the person you are with up to the point of paranoia and there would also be that laps in judgment. Still if he did love her, coming forward would have been the best way to clear his conscience. I still commend Matt Barr for shaping Travis into the jealous husband and still come off believable even through reasonable doubt when the spotlight was on him. He didn't fall through. One of the most reasons I admire this series; mystery filled, emotional and funny which balances out it's validity as a series.


Four and a Half Stars

Grade A-

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