Monday, October 12, 2009

Gossip Girl 'Rufus Getting Married' Review

When I said I wanted to see Georgina go out with a 'bang', her fantasizing about Dan wasn't really what I had in mind.

At least we know that Dan is dating a movie-star and he likes her enough to throw any other potential relationship out the door. I didn't ever really get used to Dan and Georgina, couldn't really get the electricity between them, so when Georgina insinuated the times that Dan probably used to grab her a**, that came off oddly disturbing.

The best appearance Georgina ever made was in season one and she hasn't been able to measure up since. My expectations of her sudden return from Boston were too high apparently. I really geared up for the big bomb she was going to drop, that big slap in the face that would have you wanting to wring her neck for being such a b****, only to end up with a love sick puppy. I really wondered if Georgina was serious when she was blackmailing Vanessa to get Dan to break up with his movie star girlfriend? Really? That was it? Did she really think that Dan would dump a movie star actress for her?

So the Georgina return was flat and pointless, I actually laughed when she revealed Scott's real paternity to Lily and Rufus. Was that supposed to be the Jaw dropper, what was wrong with that entire picture?

The Buckley's revelation was an entire joke. So we suffered through the long relationship engagements and extended after hour bed time with Bree and Nate, only to have the end result be an entire sham, and a pathetic one at that. I couldn't really care about Carter and why the Buckley's had it out for him. Frankly I was really disappointed with the delivery of the whole deal, which took a short time to develop with an unpolished revelation. I didn't even see the point to Bree using Nate, if she had done her research well enough Chuck would have been a good alliance, without the strings attached.
If that's it for Bree, I was really wondering what Nate's grandfather had up his sleeve seeing that Bree was playing Nate all along.

I couldn't really grasp the slightest bit of enjoyment from 'Rufus Getting Married'. I really believed that Rufus' and Lily's marriage was just placed there and didn't take the time to fall into place. Their bickering resembled that of a married couple, but it came to the point where it really didn't matter if they were married or not. I also couldn't understand why Lily would leave her wedding plans in the hands of teenagers and the oddly placed mean girls; also why she would give Jenny the responsibility of making a wedding dress. Is Jenny really that good?

The only highlighted scene that brought an element of decency; was Chuck giving Blair a massage. I honestly don't view Chuck as the going out with other couples type and I couldn't get whether Blair's resentment for Bree was a shade of jealousy or she just knew bad blood when she saw it. It really looked like Chuck knew what he was doing when he eased the tension from Blair's back. Unfortunately that moment could not out-way the poorly structured concept of the show. I actually preferred for Lily and Rufus' marriage to be planned and for Cece to attend seeing as she was probably better and would love to see her daughter get married again.

Bree's resentment for Cater was profound, but she couldn't measure up. Her detective skills were flawed; if she really wanted to find Carter she could have by putting a stake out on Serena. So when Carter was hauled in by the Buckley's presumably to be dumped somewhere, the tension just wasn't there. I expected him to take his one way ticket out of town, I didn't buy that he cared for Serena so much that he risked his life to tell her that. He didn't strike me as the changed type, I was even shocked that Blair liked him as opposed to just tolerating him

Blair surely had something to do with Georgina's Prince. Georgina has lived the tale many times over, she couldn't believe that a Prince would just come up to her like that without other conditions. The only thing I possibly liked about that scene was Dorota dressed up in something other than her uniform; she must be paid highly for her to go on roles like that for Blair.

Sometimes Gossip Girl would spare a certain episode that leaves you baffled at the end, this was probably one which could not deliver the standard I am accustomed to. What might work to their benefit would be to make more use of the underused characters like Jenny and Eric, probably even tune down the extra drama with Serena and Brown which wasn't even worthwhile this time. Some more Chuck and Blair, more elaborate story-lines, lose the the mean girls and maybe things might look up next week.



Three Stars

Grade D

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