Monday, October 19, 2009

Smallville 'Echo' Review

It looks as though Smallville is on the creepy role of Science Fiction streamed episodes. The 'Toy Man' made a recurrence from the 'Previously on Smallville' gave away. I know the 'Previously' usually gives the viewer a chance to be updated, especially if they only began watching Season 9, but it also gives away the exact characters that are going to be starring and the way the plot is unraveled.

For instance, we already know the Toy Man was the mastermind behind the stunning opening with hostages and his revenge plot towards Oliver after the frame up. Nothing was really left up for suspense. The only part that was probably intriguing in the Toy Man-Oliver plot was probably Tess' attempt to portray a hint of romantic feelings for Oliver when he was at his lowest.

Tess' motives does strike up a question mark. Why go through the trouble of getting Oliver to attend an event, she could have easily paid a look-a-like to pose as the real Oliver, or she surely could have worked up some excuse; with the amount of time Tess doesn't have to spare, why was this event so important? The Toy Man does pull the pieces together in the end, since Tess wanted him to utilize Metallo's heart as some kind of Toy. It all suggests everything was a hoax surrounding Tess' true goal.

This whacky world of Smallville is really turning into a merry-go-round. Of course the writers take on the task of bringing Lois and Clark together, but I really don't appreciate them making Lois get stood up all the time and having her act as though she is the only one showing romantic interests in Clark and constantly getting hurt. I know Smallville takes it's own spin to the Superman series, but the next time Lois is stood up I would not only resent Clark for it, but it may even limit my admiration towards her character.

Lois needs to be bold and adamant, showing up at Oliver's event to be Clark's plus one in a monster-truck, really comes off as desperate and unlike the Lois I know in Smallville. I need to see more fist action. I did appreciate her input via thought about Clark's handsome bod, but I would first think about ringing his neck as opposed to what he was wearing, maybe that might come after wards.

How strange was it for Clark to read minds. It's strange how he depends on Chloe to do the dangerous tasks for him especially since she's so busy. Busy doing what? What does Chloe do all day or even for a living to make ends meet? It's strange how she always has the answers.

We are definitely going to see more of Toy Man, or even hear more since Tess took him up on a mission. Even though Green Arrow got rid of his wardrobe, it doesn't mean he's gone for good, he could also get new clothes, or find a Tailor. The writers mentioned something about Green Arrow getting a partner soon, and Zod's absence doesn't really compromise his threat. I expect nothing but the best from Smallville, just two words 'Come Big' and all would be fine, also I want the bossy Lois back.



Three and a Half Stars

Grade B-

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