Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gossip Girl 'Enough About Eve' Review

Dreams reflect the ambitions of the subconscious, it makes us assertive about the type of person we want to become but is just not there yet. Blair pegged her Dream the wrong way, she's not the low self worth person she believed she was. Only if she continued down her path of revenge and hate, would she be the Plain Jane she despised.

Why is Blair headset on plucking power and control as though she could easily pick it from a tree? This vendetta Blair has against herself mirrors her desperation, she doesn't need minions. It isn't high school anymore, people actually carry a mind of their own and would not necessarily respond to empty threats and bullying. In the end Blair lost everything most fond to her and became the same Jane she dreaded.

I imagine the Bette Davis imagery complimented Leighton Meester's cover of 'Bette Davis Eyes'. It is almost profound that Blair's dreams reflect a movie icon. That shows the exact way she perceives life; everything must have a happy ending, but not always does the movie end the way she wants and she cannot control the picture she is shot into. Often times 'All About Eve' is the Blair version of a Nightmare resulting into 'Enough About Eve' already!

The only thing Blair counted on was Chuck, she really has no one else, especially since Serena became obsessive about Carter as opposed to improving her own life. Still, Blair dug her own graveyard when she traded her boyfriend's kiss (to another man non-the-less) for a measly toast at a freshman dinner. I understand Blair's obsession to be on top, but her motives are pathetic and her aims only land her flat on her face.
Chuck's compassion is heartbreaking; he would do almost anything for Blair, but he knows the kind of person she is. She would sell even the closest person in her heart for a chance to feel like Queen B again. The mistake Blair made was believing that Chuck's heart was up for sale, love is unconditional. For Blair, earning forgiveness from Chuck would be a lot easier to accomplish than forgiving herself.

Olivia Burke unfortunately took the spot for the toast and it wasn't even a big deal for her. Hilary Duff's appearance added a certain amusement to the plot, especially when she decided to act like the cliched image of a movie star.

Olivia - "So anyone famous here? I mean besides me"

Vanessa placed the screws all over the place here. She approached the situation with the toast exactly the way Blair would have done it; manipulative and twisted. Blair was actually able to bring Vanessa down with her. It was nice seeing Vanessa's side of the family, her mother's opinion actually matters most and it made sense why she wanted to prove something to her. The toast could have opened her mother's mind up for her success in college. Nothing changed in the end, even when she caught Blair in the act of incriminating herself - another Blair-like act. It was so obvious the way Vanessa held her bag with the microphone upright. Blair was so focused on gloating she didn't even notice, but for the viewers that should have been more professional and less predictable.

No one really got their happy ending, not even Serena and Carter, I was even surprised to see Carter out of harms way. His speech was touching, but I couldn't really get the connection between them, there wasn't anything there to die for. Nate's attempt to bring the Buckley's down just felt out place when Carter showed up unharmed. What was the point of the two bodyguards taking him far away? What he did to the Buckley sister was cruel and even heartless, but the Buckleys are putting to much effort into seeking revenge as opposed to helping her. Carter isn't really worth all the attention they are giving him.

Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz have a way of giving Nate undeveloped story-lines and pointless plots. So far Nate has had a series of love affairs and now he's campaigning for his grandfather to seek revenge? The writers need to give Nate worthwhile plots that makes sense and fits into the story they are going for, otherwise his character would altogether be ignored.

This was a slight step up from last weeks 'Rufus Getting Married'. Lily and Rufus seem the exact same as they were before; not that I expect a love shower, but at least something separating their single from their married life.

I am definitely not in agreement with the scar left on Blair and Chuck's relationship since Blair's misdeed. At one point I believed that 'Chuck's meeting' was an excuse for another girl in his place, but I prefer a lie to be alone as opposed to getting with someone to drown your sorrows. Does Vanessa and Blair's truce mean that they might be heading into a friend zone-probably not right away, but Blair needs someone in her life since she and Chuck aren't up in arms.

Olivia is a very interesting character and I really look forward to seeing more of her. I also expect to see more paparazzi coverage of her and Dan's relationship, otherwise her 'status as a movie star' would lose its credibility. A few more screaming fans should also do the trick.

Not bad. I know its hard to follow Jenny's role at school since Blair and Serena was what brought most of the tension, while Jenny stood in the sidelines, but Jenny also dominated the first portion of the mean girls habit in season one. I definitely want some of that spunk back. It would also be good to see what Hazel and the girls are up to.

Georgina's absence was not missed here, but I resent the way they dismissed her. This was also not Blair's finest hour, but with a few tweaks and changes this new version of Gossip girl could be for the best. I just miss the need to feel like punching someone out because their character really hit a nail. Who knows.


What's up with Serena's wardrobe, has she found a new attachments to shorts.

I actually believed Chuck when he confessed to kissing a man beefore. I wouldn't want to see that again.

Vanessa looked very interesting as Eve.

The last person I expected to give advice to Blair was Lily. Who else would have done it?

Jenny's hairstyle wasn't always like that. I prefer the old look.

Dan gets to kiss a movie-star and act normal about it, what's wrong with that picture.



Four Stars

Grade B-


Striglit said...

I've become a frequent reader of your posts, since I find them very interesting and a good interpretation of the episodes. But I have to say I don't agree with you ond this one. I think this episode was absolutly useless...this series is going in such a way it's starting to be hard to watch it. The characters are becoming pathetic and like you said about Nate, I do think they deserve better storylines. I also disagree about the Olivia character. I think Hilary Duff is horrible in this charecter, she doesn't really convince me at all. I never tought she was an oscar actress, but I never tought she was bad either. But as Olivia I have to say she is doing a very bad job. I dont dislike the charecter, but I also don't think she is adding anything that interesting to the story.
I have to say I miss the first season where things were more exciting...now it's just boring.


Lexa Cliche said...

I am usually glad when someone gives their own view especially when it may differ. You rightfully pointed out that Gossip Girl hasn't been able to measure up to the Season One status and I agree with you. I have accepted the fact that it may not ever measure up and began picturing the series on a simpler level.

Do you think your feelings towards the series impacts the way you perceive Olivia? I am not a stern fan of Hilary Duff, but compared to her previous breaks she outperformed my expectations and delivered a more mature role given the material she had to work with.

Striglit said...

I don't dislike Olivia, even though I don't love her. The thing is, Dan is one of my favourite characters, and after the Dan and Serena mess I just hoped that Dan's next relationship would be with someone a lot different from Serena, someone more normal, if you know what I mean. I would like to see him dealing with normal relationship issues rather than dealing with fame, money and popularity like it was with Serena.
Maybe I should do what you did and just accept that the series has gone a different way and try to enjoy it like it is now. I would just like if the writers could give more content to the characters, rather than them just being spoiled kids who think their life is so hard. I think they hace a lot od potential and I just wish they could use it.
Thanks for your reply.