Monday, October 19, 2009

The New Adventures of Old Christine 'For Love or Money' Review

Even your best friend could sue you for alimony. What happened to Christine's almost doctor boyfriend? Did she dump him for the lawyer.

So Barb and Richard actually went for nuptials, maybe they omitted new Christine specifically for that, because I'm sure she wouldn't be happy to find out that Richard could marry someone that wasn't her. He didn't even tell her that he was engaged. That was probably what came with we are living together for only platonic means.

Barb is also very adamant about remaining in the country, what does she really have to stay for; her job, Christine or even a wacky road of crazy? Maybe she came so far away from home to achieve a goal, but what direction is she headed to?

The use of such underused characters like Marly and Lindsay seemed like an attempt, maybe more insight on their babies' health could be explored. It was quite depressing why they decided to seek Matthew's help through compliments, they must really be unhappy at home.

This was yet another interesting episode, although there were some flat moments that rolled over quickly. I just want to see New Christine's expression when she finds out that the man she is living with is a married man. Or does this mean that Richard is moving out?



Four Stars

Grade B-

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