Saturday, October 17, 2009

Private Practice 'Right Here, Right Now' Review

The only thing worse than a physical affair is an emotional one. A physical affair you can get over, but from the time you fall for that other person and taste that sense of something forbidden, it stays with you for a long time. Morgan was the latest of updates when dealing with Addison and Noah. Noah's absence does nothing but broaden our curiosity of 'What's the Deal'? Addison just ended it, but it more or so seemed like she was avoiding it.

It was actually refreshing seeing Morgan's baby healthy from last season's scare, they mentioned nothing of the baby and Morgan since this season opened and we know situations like this to get that you can't just say 'It's over' and move on. That is exactly why Morgan's appearance was the boldest as she held her baby and asked if Addison and her husband were sleeping together, in front of witnesses; she surely wanted her to feel a lot of shame if her suspicions were true and I'm sure Addison was even more elated that it didn't cross over to that, but does almost count? Of course it does.

I am usually one to keep away from promotions for the following week's installment, which is why Bailey's presence was unexpected. She wasn't even introduced, she just showed up in an ambulance van, which is probably why with all the haste Addison remembered to say hello. Bailey's case was interesting as well; for most of the Private Practice fans who cut themselves completely off from Grey's Anatomy we surely got a three year fill in. So Derek and Meredith got married, it didn't really seem to affect Addison much, neither did O'Mailey's death; it went as quickly as she announced it. The only thing that stuck was Bailey's divorce from Tucker, which seemed to be a topic not up for discussion in her book.

I couldn't get why the writers believed Bailey and Sam would make a good couple. I couldn't stop smiling when he gripped her head with his hand and leaned down to pucker one in. Bailey didn't really strike me as a gal who needed a man in her life, she didn't ever have that relationship drama, probably because she was always married in Grey's Anatomy then.

Private Practice 'Right Here, Right Now' was all over the place. From Pete and Sheldon arguing about the paternity of Violet's child to the whole Naomi and Addison not speaking thing and the Cooper and Charlotte not speaking thing, it was just one of those episodes. The only thing that stood out was Violet's inability to cope with what was taken away from her. Violet's character's been through a lot, and this is another battle she has to deal with and Amy Brenneman has found her niche this season when it comes to giving breakthrough performances. I always look out for Violet scenes now. She really has no emotion towards her child and should we dislike her for that or feel sorry, even if she took responsibility for Lucas she couldn't really love him as a mother should.

It was tormenting the way she let Lucas be a part of some tug of war between Pete and Sheldon, but the revelation that Pete was the father was really a relief. I really can't imagine Sheldon as a father, but surprisingly Pete has proved to be a good father so far. I imagine the fact that Lucas' ears looked somewhat like Sheldon' was used to throw us of the trail of deciphering for ourselves who the father really was. I may have believed Lucas had Sheldon's ears, but I didn't want him to be the role model in Lucas' life.

Violet couldn't really care less who the father was, but she too looked relieved when Pete started to jump up and down like a school boy and Sheldon walked out with his 'I really thought he had my ears'. Does this mean Sheldon's officially out the picture. Maybe Shonda Rhimes might think of some other reason to keep him around.
The only person Violet could turn to was Naomi; no strings attached, Violet obviously hates the person she has become. Naomi also provided an open ear for Addison who was also guilt ridden with her almost-affair.

All of the cases dealt with this season has been on the dismal side. Isn't it considered crossing an ethical line when you have to choose between infecting a patient with HIV and saving their life. This episode probably opened that line up for debate. It was more shocking when Charlotte decided to sign off on the operation. How cheesy was that doctor for bailing out on the operation in the nick of time for Sam to scrub in.

The one fault I would place on the writers end, is making it seem as though Charlotte's hospital would fall through without the presence of Addison and Sam scrubbing in on operations. It often looks as though they are the only doctors around that could do the job right. Maybe that could be true. Charlotte's hospital may be small and probably even understaffed and when such doctors like the highly qualified Surgeon Addison comes to operate, it actually gives the hospital a boost. There is still the essential too much praise when it comes to labeling them the best.

Private Practice has set its standard so high this season that I just expected this episode to be a Boom away from last week's bang. I accepted the cliched 'bubble boy' finally able to kiss his girlfriend symbolizing the kiss of death, but I actually expect better and better as the weeks progress. I wonder if we'll be seeing Noah since Addison indirectly confessed to loving him. Room for thought.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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