Friday, October 2, 2009

Private Practice 'A Death In The Family' Review

Pain is like having a knife stuck in your back and having someone rip your guts out until you meet a slow death. Imagine that, then you would get an idea of how Violet felt when she had her baby ripped out of her by a psychopath and left for dead.

The season premiere of Private Practice was long awaited, ever since last season where we saw a mad Katie claim Violet's baby as her own and daring her destructive tool to remove what she thought was hers. How can anyone claim a baby unless they were completely nuts. She could have easily waited until the baby was born to save herself the whole mess.

Though Violet barely gave birth, death could have easily met her side. Pete's destined save was a matter of some intervention and the only hope Violet had of living.

This was a sad day for everyone. Even the flashback which crossed everyone's mind of the first time they met Violet, when the Practice initially started. The funeral service at the beginning was a throw of, because the thoughts which passed through everyone's mind was 'Is that Violet's funeral?'

Pete's deceased wife was the big giveaway and they deliberately omitted Violet from the service to sway us, but I somehow knew. The entire basis of the flashback was to give us an understanding of the early impact Violet had on others, but it was also a decoy plan used many times before on television. Still it was equally entertaining to admire the years they took off of Violet in the flashback and Naomi's short bob which came off as a horrible wig, as well as Sam's glasses. They all carried a different way about them in the flashbacks. I admired how the writers delivered the transformation of the current time compared to what was past. Equally effective.

Each character faced a dilemma, but I hardly saw the value of Sheldon and I believe the only thing that would keep him in the picture was if he turned out to be the father. I believed Addison faced the most daring dilemma's of all time; splitting herself in two and acting autonomously. It all made sense why she left Violet's life into Naomi's hands, who seemed more like an intern in training than the real deal. They put too much pressure on Addison to be the 'best' neonatal doctor, but what about the pressure Addison placed on herself?

Violet was pail in the operation room and her lifeline looked pail in comparison and death itself seemed to overcome her. Mostly everyone that cared for her suffered despair and disgust towards anything they could have done to prevent the very state Violet was in.

Cooper believed he could have stopped everything before Charlotte called him, Pete believed he should have listened to her about Katie, Naomi's decision to leave the Practice weighed down on her heavily and Addison began to feel more alone than she's ever felt in her lifetime. Even Charlotte had her fear of guilt and Sheldon his feeling of isolation.

What would have happened had Cooper answered his pager, maybe Violet would be without a womb, but Katie would have also been caught sooner. Returning to the scene of the crime is always the best way to get caught, but showing yourself to the person that wants you dead for putting their loved one in harms way, is just as good as selling yourself out. Obviously Katie was truly nuts to page Cooper, Violet's best friend, what was really running through her mind? At least Violet's child was recovered and an entire mystery was solved.

The flashbacks gave us more insight into what exactly made Pete the person he is. It also gave us an early hint towards Violet's relationship with Pete and their attraction towards each other.

Drama is one thing, but when you get the addition of action, adventure and great execution, it places Private Practice on a new level.

Kate Walsh was exceptionally talented in 'A Death In The Family' and Amy Brenneman added a certain level of equal talent which sealed this season premiere into being one of the best for Private Practice. Shonda Rhimes set the limit high this season and now that Katie is apprehended I would love to see how they spin this storyline.

Watching Pete mourn his wife at her funeral was deep, but it leaves you wondering how could he despise the one he once loved. Pete argued with his wife even after she passed on, such that it left an unnoticeable scar on his heart and his character.

Violet's sharp recovery was no surprise and her request to see her son also sealed the deal. What would have happened if Katie did not bring the baby, what would they have told her? Maybe Violet sensed her child was in the room. Sob.

Katie was the villain of the Practice taken out with one final blow, but this episode makes you shiver to the thought that she was ever a patient and not ready in an institute.



Five Stars

Grade A-

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