Wednesday, January 20, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 1 'Day 8: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM' Review

Arlo Glass: Who is Jack Bauer?

Typical 'Newbie' statement. Somebody obviously didn't pay attention in the 'Heroes of CTU' class.

This is the 2010 version of 24, where everyone walks about talking to themselves and tapping on their ears. Things are really going to get crazy this day. On a real note this double-double fiesta of 24 would leave anyone seeing double at the end of it. By the way this livened up my weakened. As soon as I saw 24 on my schedule, I literally started counting down the days. Kind of what I'm doing now for Smallville, but anyway...

Day 8 for 24 was definitely not what I expected. The writers pitched for Jack to successfully skip his sick period, to him well and healthy playing with his grown granddaughter. She was right though, Jack does not look like a grandfather (I just adore that girl, beautiful actress). I actually was waiting for Renee to make her entrance, but learnt she was only going to arrive later that day.

I expected 24 to develop the same old material, with the run around of Kim getting kidnapped to Jack under serious threat, to him running after some well known assassin or vice versa, then something else to have the storyline dragging. It's only the beginning, but I liked how they opened the day in the evening-somewhat, having Jack playing with his granddaughter and to have 'a contact' come to him, that part was well scripted, especially incorporating the approximate six year gap. I actually expected the writers to have a sick Jack still in the hospital, but I really didn't like watching Kiefer Sutherland suffer as an actor to always have Jack fidget or fluster himself, as he did last season- that was really torture.

I like the new storyline with the Presidents Peace Piece. President Omar Hassan holds his own well and his brother looked like a plausible suspect to overthrow him (I guess that was revealed later on), but I admire the new cast. Especially Freddie Prinze Jr and Katee Sackhoff; I am loving the new (I don't know exactly what I'm doing now, but I would catch up ) Chloe.

I figure that they are spoiling us with these four episodes, because I really became upset when it was Tuesday and the double dose wasn't airing again, I mean Renee was really... oh that's for the fourth episode :)



Four and a Half Stars

Grade A-

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