Friday, January 22, 2010

Private Practice: Season 3 Episode 12 'Best Laid Plans' Review

'Best Laid Plans'; reflected the uncertainty with outcomes, when the best of plans are made. The most moving plot in this episode for me, was probably Maya's conflicting thoughts about abortion and keeping a child. Unfortunately she did not have the necessary guidance to make the experience easier for her, but according to Addison; Maya did an adult action and she is now forced to deal with an adult decision. No teenager should be forced to make a decision like that.

I believe that this was the most moving episode for Naomi and her turn to shine. In the line of highly qualified actresses, Audra McDonald took her slice of the cake this round. Shonda Rhimes made a tough decision implementing 'The Abortion' themed up with the 'Teenage Pregnancy' storyline, because it has been executed many times before on television. At the risk of coming of cliche and redundant, Rhimes pulled it off beautifully. I know her cast is what brought the script to life, but they all work well together as a team.

I applaud Addison for taking the risk of swaying Maya's final decision, because at that very point, she was taking a stance against Naomi. Maya's life is changed forever and it was nice to include the fact that the father of the child loved Maya and it wasn't just a 'fling' or so. Addison managed to show a level of maturity, that hasn't been most prevalent recently. Unlike Naomi who was not as mature with her decision and was more for action, without paying attention to the consequences. It only became clear that Maya based her decision to terminate the pregnancy, purely because of her mother's resentment.

It was actually deplorable watching the way in which Naomi dealt with the entire situation, like she was disappointed and somehow despised her daughter.
Naomi's parenting methods were so strict, that Maya only felt the need to go to her mother only when her life was going to change forever and not before the fact. Sam was the only one willing to be rational about everything. Naomi cannot run forever, so I am excited to have that situation unravel. Naomi obviously loves Maya, but feels betrayed as well, she also sees herself as a failed mother.

If I were to touch on a few other moments within this episode, it would have to be the dilemma Pete faced when dealing with Dr. Fife and the revolutionary guy with the bionic arm. Fife comes off as a huge ass. I have been trying to figure him out for weeks now, especially with what makes him tick and there is a question mark at that point. I was in awe of the moment he shared with Naomi, his attraction to her became obvious then, but I really cannot stand his attitude.

Speaking of bad attitudes, Cooper has officially lost it in my book. (To the Writers) I really need you to explain his paranoid character lapses, because Cooper has done a complete 180 on the sanity level. I don't believe he ever loved Charlotte, if he could treat her so horribly now. Charlotte herself was foolish to sell her apartment, she is not usually the type to completely trust in one thing and I believe that this is not the same Charlotte we met in Season one. That Charlotte would have reprimanded him a long time ago; according to Violet, his actions would only leave him alone.

Now that Violet has taken Charlotte in, I wonder if Cooper would have problems with that (who cares!). He had the gall to ask her to leave 'The Practice', he might work up the extra nerve and tell Charlotte to take a hike from his friends, especially since he and Violet have not been as close lately. I want to applaud Violet for finally accepting the absence from her son's life, even if it was to a complete stranger. I mean who was she kidding, it had to be done, she as a psychiatrist should know that her distance from her role of being a mother would cause more harm than good.

This was actually an exceptionally brilliant episode, I really enjoy how all the story-lines mesh together so well. It doesn't seem like there was much continuation from the Mark and Addison theme. Maybe all that would be taken care of in Grey's Anatomy, but still his daughter's condition with her baby was not officially dealt with. This may be out of the blur, but whatever happened to Noah? I don't want Addison to have anymore drama in her life, but that was another unresolved issue. Noah is presently residing in Cougar Town with Courtney Cox, so I wonder if that had any impact on his absence this season - probably.

Anyway, it was good to have Melissa McCarthy guest star as the pregnant Lynn McDonald. She gave Maya the incentive she needed to make her final decision about her pregnancy. I sympathize with Maya though, it's not going to be an easy road, especially with a mother like Naomi. Not to mention her school life filled with complications and loss of essential classes. Boy did Sam make the mistake of confronting the father in public, her entire school would find know because of the quick texter that over heard the newsworthy gossip. What a way to deliver a punchline.



Four and a Half Stars

Grade A

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