Wednesday, January 20, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 4 'Day 8: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM' Review

Cheers to Jack for nabbing the bad guy in the gut; but must all agents shoot to kill, why not shoot to disable and squeeze information, then kill... or arrest as the case may be. It all wasn't meant to be. CTU agent Cole Ortiz, Freddie Prinze Jr's character, shows a great level of loyalty to his country. He was even willing to risk his life to ensure the captivity of a suspected terrorist. It was obvious his relief when Jack fired before and his life was spared.

Finally Renee is here and more bad-ass than expected. She obviously darkened her her to reflect how morbid her character became. I didn't know she and Jack could create such chemistry between each other, it was almost sensational the way he gripped her palm, revealing her previously slit wrists. There was obviously a lot Renee wished to remain hidden from Jack and the rest of the world. It's almost sad when you think about it, Jack was the sole reason she went rogue.

I actually take delight in the approach 24 used to relay their 'One Day' story. Jack has tried to reach out to Renee, which means that he cared about her more than we were exposed to before. I wonder if 'one day' would have any impact, or change in Renee's deceitful nature? It seems as though she went to a tough pace and is still recovering. I was always interested in her relationship with Larry last season, because it wasn't addressed then. I would have appreciated some kind of closure from her uncertain past and whatever happened to Chloe's last season look-a-like?

Anyway, Renee truly showed off her bad side. I am actually curios into how bad she could actually get and how she relates to Jack after portraying herself as a monster. As for Sackhoff's character Dana Walsh, I am curious into her dealings with her apparent ex boyfriend. What exactly would she do when she gets over by her place, especially since she is engaged to be married, that doesn't leave her with much options.

I have a feeling that we haven't heard the last from the journalist accused of being President Hassan's assassin. Her story doesn't sound too complete yet, but that just a hunch.



Five Stars

Grade A-

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