Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life Unexpected: Season 1, Episode 2 'Home Inspected' Review

Since when does Lux jump from being a fifteen year old girl, to acting like a grown eighteen year old adult. I had a hunch, so I checked out Brittany Robertson's (Lux) profile and it turned out she was well about nineteen. It only showed up her true age here. That's beside the fact... she acted like she was a responsible adult; a boyfriend, a place of your own, that comes with a lot of responsibility to manage.

I don't think Lux had reuniting with her family as an option in the beginning. It actually showed when she intimidated her father into signing her emancipation papers (strange enough the only other time this term was mentioned onscreen- for me- was with Gossip Girl and Jenny), I remembered having a smile during that scene in the pilot.

They didn't really establish a good connection between Lux and her boyfriend either, so I wonder how that would progress. It seemed like they had a set plan and as soon as it worked out better for Lux, she bailed on the 'apartment' idea. Who blames her, it was a dream-like scenario. Why work hard to maintain an apartment, when you could live somewhere for free and have somebody pay for you.

I don't think Lux would take parenting easy though, she has taken care of herself for so long, she might not be too keen on accepting advice. I am certain we haven't heard the last from her boyfriend, since they didn't officially call it off, so I am estimating that Cate would find some issue with Lux having a boyfriend at fifteen and worry about the same circumstances any mother would have at that point.

So far I am not in like with Cate's fiancee. At first he came off as clever and witty, but finding out your fiancee had a child before, isn't really what many hope to expect in any relationship. I believe he would find some problem with her ex, because he and Cate argue a lot, which only means she has some unresolved issues to deal with him, not to mention she carried his child a few years back.

I still don't understand how Cate could address her fiancee without telling him she slept with her ex, because once he finds out, things would get rocky. This is a good one, two consecutive episodes of great, but if it plans to be a hit, or to not come of as cliched or something we saw already, it has to explore Cate's relationship with Lux on a deeper level.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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