Sunday, January 31, 2010

Smallville: Season 9, Episode 10 'Disciple' Review

Finally the wait is over, Smallville is back! I think I was a bit overexcited for 'Disciple' and I tried my best to be subtle, because sometimes when I get excited for a series' return, my expectations go through the roof and I end up feeling disappointed at the end of the show... which I am glad wasn't the case here.

I did expect a big comeback for Lois and Clark, seeing that they finally admitted to themselves how they felt for each other. Sometimes writers have the tendency to lose all inspiration and creativity when they place characters together, which I feared for the most in the opening scene. I only hoped they weren't going to get Clois too comfortable with each other and have the chemistry between them just disappear.

I actually don't know how to feel about this episode. There weren't enough Clois moments for me, at least not like the ones cooked up in previous episodes. I am fearful of Lois becoming a bit too mellow; like the scene where Clark was obviously being the poor boyfriend, like forgetting to pick Lois up from the hospital and visiting her once in total, that we know of. Even though we knew why Clark was absent, in Lois' position, I would have smacked him over the head, at least I am certain the old Lois would have blown a fuse.

I gathered that Lois sees Clark in a different light and she probably would forgive him for the lowest of blows... but it still makes me miss the witty animosity between them.

I don't know what to make of Lois and Oliver either. I believe that Oliver feels lonely and the closest friend he ever had and also an ex lover, was Lois. I believe his feelings were genuine for her and the fact that Lois was officially moving into a new relationship said that they were actually over. I don't know why Lois touched Clark's shoulder right after her eye glance with Oliver, I doubt she was trying to make him jealous, but she was trying to show him that she had moved on and probably he should too.

The story aside from the Lois-Oliver-Clark charade was interesting as well. This episode took the time to develop Oliver and his past, leading to how he became the person he is now. It's a shame we don't see more of green arrow helping civilization like Clark does, the show only gives credit to Clark and his destiny to achieve something, but I believe Oliver deserves some credit, especially since her decided to go back to hero mode.

I actually expected Chloe to coach Clark about Major Zod and watching out for Lois. Didn't it upset Clark when Zod showed up at his home, unannounced? Does he truly believe Zod's intentions are become the Kandorian's savior and leave it at that? 'Our People' Please! An entire colony is on the verge of extinction and they would do anything to survive, having no powers equates the Kandorians in the same line as humans, and they rebuke that notion. Was it just me, or did you sense a romantic connection between Zod and Fiona at the end, or at least the writers are gunning for an interest there?

I actually found it creepy while Zod visited Lois in the hospital, like it was some sort of threat to her life. Clark needed to be more careful, the moment he let Zod in on his Krptonian lifestyle, the same moment the people he cared for became a target. Did Clark learn nothing from the future? Lois herself was a bit naive, and even though she sensed Zod was a bit fishy, she still wore the token he gave her. I wonder if Lois ever heard anyone mention a Zod, Tess could have given her a heads up? (...who was oddly absent here). That scene felt a bit shaky for me.

I believe that Lois would begin asking Clark more questions about his disappearing acts. I honestly hoped Clark was actually asking Lois to go for a walk and nothing between the lines, because Lois acted like a walk was going to transform their relationship forever. Lois shouldn't think so hard on her past relationships, the point is that she's in a new one and different things are bound to happen for her. She is definitely not the same person she was three or even four seasons ago.
Clark has also worn confidence with pride lately and is surely revealing his levels of maturity.

I honestly hope Chloe and Clark have a real talk on the person Chloe is becoming, almost a replica of her future self. I am surprised Lois hasn't stumbled on Chloe and her glamorous technology collection, doesn't she ever wonder what her cousin does shacked up in 'Watch Tower' all day, or even how she earns an income?

Anyway enough of this, I am just really happy to have Smallville back again. I have to admit, I took a little peek as to what too expect next week, and believe me, I am loving it.



Four Stars (More Clois :)

Grade B+

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