Sunday, January 31, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 5 'Day 8: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM' Review

Bravo acting Wersching, you are truly bringing out the Renee I grew to love. Although I am a bit upset about your damaging past, it surely looks as though it would take you a while to get out of that hole you sunk yourself into.

In a way, Jack is obligated to her, because now he's the white chariot horse and Renee is the dark outcast. I admired the tear that slid along her face when her life hung in the balance. I believed that the actual Renee character didn't want to live, had things not worked, it was more than a ploy on her part.

The sole reason Renee took the task to go undercover again, is to shed some light on her loathing character she probably despises. She somehow wants to redeem herself. She keeps stressing she's the only person, because she wants to be, she couldn't cope otherwise.

Honestly had Ziya kept his mouth shut, he would still be alive, at least for a longer time. He annoyed Vladimir to the point where the trigger was too much of a burden to resist.

I believe that it is Renee that is making these hours interesting for me. It probably has something to do with my fondness for Amy Wersching and her portrayal of Renee. What I don't get is why Jack kept shouting at her, did he really believe that she was gunning for a bullet? Was she that convincing that she even deceived Jack? I figure that Jack sees Renee as a risk to her own health and it confirms my speculations about Renee really wanting Vladimir to pull the trigger, because she had nothing else to live for.

At CTU, the Dana Walsh character is developing beautifully. Her ex is foolish enough to mess with a government agency as serious as CTU. I believe he is probably putting her through it to punish her, because he believed she sold him out as a 'get out of jail' free card. What I am curious into, is to how exactly he discovered where she worked, because that means anyone else could probably get a hold of CTU the very same way. I feel sorry for her fiancee, why bother to keep the secret at all. It would all unravel by the end of the day or early the next day, anyway.

It is amazing how much could happen in a few hours. So far we have a terrorist attempt, an undercover operation reenacting itself, an ex boyfriend bully and his weird friend, a couple of murders... sounds a whole lot of 24 to me. Could you imagine an old Jack telling the stories about how his life changed in 24 hours. How would that conversation start off?

I look forward to the development between Dana and her ex, and probably having Renee and Jack in the same scene together, they create brilliant moments. Oh and I also want to know what happens to Olivia and some development into the President's personal life. Let's not have too much happen until then.



Four and a Half Stars

Grade A

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