Wednesday, January 20, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 2 'Day 8: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM' Review

Jack: "I hate this place"

Most of us probably share Jack's resentment to the new and improved CTU. Hastings comes off as an incompetent leader, unwilling to follow through both sides of the coin. More than ever, I just want Jack to go home with his family.
I mean does everyone really have to rely on Jack for everything, the guy is retired people! Then again, can anyone really retire from being a CTU agent, especially with Jack's background and experience. All I can say is that I really feel sorry for Jack. Here he is five to six years later and it's like the world rests on his shoulders... again. I really hope he doesn't get arrested this time, especially since not too long ago, he was still recovering from the bio-weapon infection. How successful was his treatment? It obviously gave him a few more years, but are we going to hear more about his condition?

I really cannot understand how Hastings could be so naive. As the new replacement for the CTU director, he seems to be an amateur. What experience does he really have, except for talking on the phone all to time to people we don't even know of. He acts like a show off and a bit of a smart ass mixed in the middle. Shutting down Chloe's suspicion of the real terrorist was very foolish of him.

I am growing to admire Dalia Hassan (President Omar's wife). At one point I figured that she was sticking by her husband for 'the image', but she truly cares for him. President Omar Hassan seems to be a very open man when it comes to his heart, he's honorable, sincere and probably too trustworthy, especially when he has his family to take care of. Even if the journalist was not a threat, he did make the mistake of bringing her into his family life. Still, who was she talking to on her phone that made her come off as a terrorist; her editor? She made her meeting with Hassan sound like a business deal as opposed to a love affair.

On the topic of Hastings, he was a bit harsh towards Chloe. He should have listened to Chloe's lead, she may come off as a bit wayward, but she does hold a good point; everything seemed to easy. Actually Hastings doesn't really think well under pressure, I don't think he's up for the job at all.

As for Dana Walsh's character, I am a bit interested into who Jenny Scott was, her relationship with Kevin Wade and what exactly happened in Rock Springs. I am certain that these ties, may be significant to whatever terrorist plans are instigated throughout the day. Why else would the writers go out of their way to evoke such curiosity within viewers.

I recognized Ruth (The only other person who knows Dana's real identity) from Joan of Arcadia. I wonder what is Ruth's connection to Dana; sister perhaps? Close friend, relative? I am going with sister for now, I am certain we would see more of her and her son. From where we stand, it appears as though Dana took a step up, compared to the life she used to live. Dana comes off as showing strength, but is weakened by her past actions.

Maggie and Jim are a really nice couple, but boy did he have the wrong partner as a cop. I highly doubt they would leave their homes with their lives, unless Jack came before hand to save their lives.



Four Stars

Grade B+

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