Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Castle: Season 2 Episode 12 'A Rose for Everafter' Review

It's been a while since the Finale of 'Charmed' and Alyssa Milano's presence in Castle was a huge refresher. So we honestly get to meet Castle's first true love, or as he put it '...the one that got away'. How many of us can relate? First there is the 'let's take a break' test of time, then there is the looking back wondering; what if the one that got away didn't leave?

Milano played Kyra, Castle's past love and the bride who stumbled upon her bridesmaid's lifeless body. If that didn't spoil the wedding, surely seeing your old flame after many years of no contact would do the trick. This was actually the first time we saw Castle gaze at a woman, as though she was literally sucking the breath out of him. Besides Beckett of course, he patted his googly eyes towards Kyra with such yearn for 'just one kiss'.

At least Castle hasn't officially admitted his true feelings for Beckett, but Beckett definitely wore jealousy with such fashion. I liked how she dealt with it; her sensitivity towards Kyra was modest. Had Kyra been the suspect Beckett expressed, she would have surely contained her in interrogation. What I mostly admire about Castle and Beckett's relationship, is their ability to have such a platonic relationship and still give whim to the actual flirtation. I could tell that Beckett truly cares for Castle and vice versa. I sensed the same jealousy within Castle when Beckett's boyfriend came to town. I forgot what exactly happened to him...

As for the case, I actually began mapping out certain strategies for the culprit behind the murder. At first I imagined that Kyra's fiancee and Sophie had some kind of pact to get some money out of the marriage, but love overcame greed; but I was far off there. Then I came with a theory of the affair and Kyra being the suspect, hence the torn earrings "...and give me my earring back!". The last one came close, but went a little off in the end. The trick I just admire with 'Castle', is the ability for it to have your mind guessing 'who did it' and this time the uncle and the trust-fund was completely unexpected and adequately executed. What kind of Uncle steals your money for a (was it a house in Palm Springs?) , still definitely wasn't going to be my favorite Uncle.

Case solved, but was the connection between Kyra and Castle (ah Rick *sounds strange*) resolved? Krya gave Beckett the go ahead, as I was certain she felt the connection Beckett had for Castle. I didn't know he had it in him, which is why Beckett felt herself feeling more attracted to him; he actually had a serious relationship in his lifetime and could possibly have it with someone else, maybe her if she ever thought about it. The reason behind Beckett's resistance to admit her feelings for Castle is clear, once you cross that line you don't ever go back, especially since she and commitment are such enemies.

I liked this one, at one point it felt as though Lanie got too cozy with examining Sophie's lifeless body. I suppose she's seen a lot of weird things within her job criteria. If I was to analyze the title 'A Rose for Everafter' (something I am thinking of doing regularly); roses come in different sizes and colors, generally signifies love and happiness, but could easily be used at funerals. The title is probably linked to the old romance between Castle and Kyra (well presented), the new love between Krya and her fiancee (what was his name?), the death which probably brought all the facts together and the ability for Kyra to move on from wondering 'what if' with Castle and living a happy life with her husband. It also looked like wedding bells would be an activity Beckett would have to pick up soon. Who knows, could it be Castle? As for Alexis and Martha, they hardly get enough screen time, but I appreciated the little time they had, did Castle figure out how Nikki Heat escapes from the chair?


I noticed we have another party on board my blog and I would take this time to appreciate all those who settled (I know the word isn't an easy one), but in this case I am happy that my posts have added a little interest to those that read and comment. Thumbs up to all my party people. Yeah!



Four and a Half Stars

Grade B+

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