Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Human Target 'Pilot' Review

What is really going on here? Is this guy, Christopher Chance supposed to be 'bad ass' or something? Is he supposed to come off as a spy-agent-James Bond type, because I am really confused here. I recognized the guest appearance from Burn Notice; the woman he saved in the train... yeah so I thought things were going to get interesting, but this show felt like it had been done before. It felt as though I was watching a mixture of all the undercover spy shows, combined with 'Eyes', it probably even reminded me of Burn Notice (which was far better).

There were points after I got the message - He was 'bad ass' and was going to save his damsel in distress - but things got cheesy fast for a pilot episode, it was not as engaging and unique as it needed to be. So I was a little bit disappointed. The promotions actually gave this one a bit too much credit, that it increased my expectations. I don't want to view just another action packed drama series, dealing with a guy who has a past, a weird assistant who's supposed to be intimidating and a boss guy who comes off inferior.I need a little more depth and chemistry, ties that the viewer cannot draw from himself. Drama is good, but don't fill it up with just drama and no substance.

Human Target has to aim a lot better if it is to gain any interest, because let's face it - the gun action scenes, running from the bad guy and the husband killer that wants his wife's money, well we've heard of this formula already. I want something fresh if I am to commit to this one. Who knows, let's give it four more episodes.



Two Stars

Grade D

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