Sunday, January 31, 2010

Burn Notice: Season 3, Episode 11 'Friendly Fire' Review

I cannot believe it, but was that Michael finally 'sealing the deal' between him and Fiona. Wow, what a way to do it :)

I have finally grown accustomed to 'The Client' mode for Burn Notice, it has actually become a part of the series all together. Now thinking about it, that was exactly the way Michael lived his life, always dealing with clients, or even running from them. The writers try to make Michael's Miami life, reflect his old life in a more domestic way of living.

I have a problem though, does no one else found it alarming how easy it was for someone to locate Sam, at Michael's mother's place. It was strange how no red flags went up in Michael's head about his mother's safety while he imposes his threatening lifestyle on her. Room for thought.

Considering, this was my favorite, 'client' related episode for the season. I loved the smooth snap, oddly intriguing and effective for the coolness(a word?) he was aiming for.

Since when did Sam have a wife? I probably missed that episode, anyway I don't care what they say that was uncool hooking up with your buddy's ex! Nice guest star appearances...

Loved it! Loved it! More Fiona and Michael?



Five Stars

Grade A

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