Wednesday, March 10, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 11 'Day 8: 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM' Review

This was an absent hour for Renee and Jack, seeing he mentioned he would see her in a matter of an hour or so. That probably falls on the latter. The suicide bomber was an innocent touch, although I couldn't comprehend how easily Jack got him out. Even as his facial expression was serious, Jack would have nothing to gain by placing an innocent woman in the wreckage, he would be too busy trying to figure out who was behind the attack before it actually occurred. I actually believed the writers would have had the bomber succeed with his plan and possibly track down the men responsible for tapping into their security system's video feed. That would have been an interesting twist.

Discovering that Tarin's the 'bad guy' was foreseeable. No matter how hard 24 tries to manipulate a bad guy revelation plot, it cannot ever compare to the revelation of Nina being the villain in season one. It was actually depressing watching Hassan's daughter be told by her mother that Tarin was dirty and how easily she believed her. Probably the close bond she shares with her mother could explain her sudden mistrust. She did manage to pull off a believable 'I'm heading to the bathroom to change' without revealing the 'but I'm not coming back out' bit.

Everything has happened to take the turn for the worst as each hour ages. Walsh and Ortiz are back to CTU on a demoted appeal by Hastings, who is actually proving to be an impressive leader. I am still in doubt as to why Walsh's plot-line with her ex, merges with everything else. It just doesn't make sense to me why Kevin's parole officer would then call Walsh for a follow up on a few calls made to her phone. Aren't CTU operatives supposed to be confidential? We still haven't learnt how Kevin got in touch with Walsh to begin with. There are a few paper trails being left behind by 24, and things just don't seem to add up as it used to.

Something about the middle section of this season doesn't really spell fantastic. I didn't appreciate how weak they made Renee's character, or how Bauer is allowed to conduct so many operations without a believable reason. The Ortiz and Walsh drama is uninteresting to the plot and Hassan's storyline is very mediocre. President Taylor hasn't been present for a good while even. Some good direction needs to be placed into 24, the plots become predictable and as villains are introduced every hour, there is no telling what new trick 24 would pull out, that we haven't already seen.



Three and a half Stars

Grade C-

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