Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gossip Girl: Season 3, Episode 14 'The Lady Vanished' Review

Gossip girl has adopted a cloned feature of single streamed story-lines, without any real development or substance. Characters develop overnight personalities and the actual 'Gossip Girl' is now used to relay simple jokes, that we could actually do without, as her story is unexplained. It leaves me wondering whether or not the writers personally chose these stories to insult fan intelligence, or if they are carrying this series down a road where inspiration has lost it's taste.

I used this episode as the final decision maker behind this conclusive realization. This would possibly be my final Gossip Girl review, as I can no longer tolerate this insult to true viewer quality. It feels as though this series managed to stick pieces of glue and scotch tape to these poor actors and actresses, and the show is surviving on a thin thread not far off the edge.

I would say that the Chuck-Mother themed probably bore some interest, but had they taken the time last season to develop this plot, as opposed to dropping it in from no where, maybe his mother would not have been so cliched, not to mention Serena's 'Daddy "I'm not looking for you anymore" theme'. Jenny is unbelievably spoiled, but the absence of Rufus and Dan from her life
just doesn't make sense . It is almost as if she carries on her own world exterior from everything else and Jenny has played the 'runaway' card already, so nothing is a surprise along that avenue.

They just ruined Rufus and Lily, the only hope of a real relationship, and over what? The revelation of a kiss from a character we haven't met? I don't care about Rufus' affair or his horrible parenting skills and well everything else screened this hour. Vanessa and Dan well, I guess we wouldn't know.

I am tired of the same-old as there are far better series I could dedicate my time and appreciation to. I don't want to stare at a screen blankly and hope that things change for the better. It's only best that reality is faced and frankly I need to move on.



One Star

Grade E


Striglit said...

Once again, I have to agree with you. Gossip Girl got to a point where its looks like a joke. Characters seem to have turned into other people (like dan and Rufus), the stories lost any interest they could possibly have, and like you said, even gossip girl became a narrator. I'm so tired of Blair being so dramatic every time Chuck doesn't give her his full attetion; or Serena who seems to be trying to sleep with every guy in the series, and falls in love as fast as I change my clothes; don't even get me started on Jenny...I never really liked her and now I don't even care.
I really hope they end the series because unfortunatly I can't just stop watching it. Whenever I start watching a series I have to see it till the end. So the only way I won't have to suffer through another season is if they realize that the best thig is to just end the series and move on.

Lexa Cliche said...

I don't know how you are able to do it? It has become emotionally draining, but I hope the writers take your idea into consideration and just end it for the sake of saving whatever shred of dignity they have left.

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