Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life Unexpected: Season 1, Episode 8 'Bride Unbridled' Review

Didn't Chris have a girlfriend that resented Lux? I was surprised they didn't once bring up his girlfriend the entire time he and Lux were together. Although there was a small chemistry between him and Lux, I still missed Bug and the history they had together in foster care. I don't believe that Lux could start another relationship and simply forget the past she created and family she grew to love. Although, who was that other woman on the other end of the receiver when Lux called for Bug? His mother, another girlfriend perhaps?

Another, not quite similar triangular romance, was the Bazile aka Baze (someone pointed out in my last review that his name was Baze, unaware that it was his nickname), Cate and Ryan trio. It is obvious that Cate has feelings for 'Baze' (which we would obviously begin stating from now). Her feelings for Ryan probably reflects some kind of pity devotion she engages herself into. Cate wasn't even quick to accept his proposal, so it wasn't a surprise how easy it was for her to sleep with Baze.

It was a shocker to have Ryan and Baze mend fences. It showed a side to Ryan I didn't believe I would like, but you just don't go messing around in parenting, when you're not exactly a parent. I don't understand how Ryan and Lux became so close when we hardly ever saw them bonding. I couldn't comprehend why Ryan would consider himself part of the family, because of Lux, why not a better way to keep him in the picture. The last scene between them was slightly touchy.

I am certain the writers would find some way to mend things between Ryan and Cate, but I don't believe that Cate could ever gain some respect anytime soon. She has tarnished her character beyond repair, by refusing to take responsibility for her own actions. It was actually fun having her try out wedding dresses and unconsciously, Baze was the only one who knew Cate better in the bridal contest, without it being revealed. I couldn't believe Cate cheated (pun intended) on the answers to simply match Ryan's and avoid a huge fight.

Cate did look pitiful in that last scene. She is truly alone, because she couldn't make up her mind as to what she wanted. In life those mistakes are made. It was nice of Ryan to drive all the way over to Tasha's, at least we all knew where Lux was going to end up. Let's just hope things work out for the best with everyone.

SPOILERS AHEAD ... Next episode we have the typical prom and apparently Chris is Lux's date. Still what ever happened to his girlfriend, the one who Lux sold the bong to and subsequently turned against her. Then we have the typical cliche of parents trying to prevent history from repeating itself. So Baze and Cate go berserk when they realize that Lux could follow in their footsteps and become pregnant at a young age. Let's just hope it isn't tackled as cheesy as it may sound.



Four Stars

Grade C+

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