Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Castle: Season 2, Episode 17 'Tick, Tick, Tick...(1)' and Episode 18 'Boom! (2)' Review

Talk about suspense and thrill all wrapped up in a package of Castle drama. Surprisingly enough I had to wait for part two before I started this review. I wanted to see exactly how they were going to bring Beckett to life after that explosion in (1). Honestly the bathtub idea was the safe way to go. They couldn't very well kill off a main character, so my guess would have been a quick rush to the hospital, some serious stitches and crutches, or she jumped out of the window, or somewhere away from the blast, or where the blast couldn't harm her. The latter idea seemed the closest. Still I enjoyed the tension among Castle, Beckett and the FBI detective who kept referring to their sexual tension.

At one point in (1), I suspected the detective of being the villain, but that was far off in the end. Besides, they gave her the mom role to play, so she had a sane connection to the real world. I admired the advanced technology the FBI brought on board. Even if Beckett wasn't completely intrigued by it, I believe she was possibly jealous of Castle's connection with the detective in charge.

It was only about time before a 'copycat' of Castle's books would surface. Wasn't that how he and Beckett met in the beginning? Yeah! Anyway, I didn't appreciate Beckett's life being threatened continuously, no matter how close she and Castle became of it. At least we know the are both good at making breakfast in the morning and admire each others company. Spells relationship to me - well almost. I don't blame Castle for being responsible. I was impressed by Beckett's modesty towards the entire situation. Castle did pull through in the end by nabbing the guy, who in turn mentioned that 'it was not over', or words to that effect.

Does that mean we would have a 'to be continued' episode on that behalf? I wouldn't mind having the FBI guest star for another episode, they work well together. What did not make sense to me was in (2), and the length of time the FBI took to raid the 'hot' room. It was as if they knew that Castle and Beckett had things under control and were waiting for the 'say go', but that could have easily been a time lapse on the writers, or whoever is behind the work. Also it really looked like the guy who was framed in (1) and was believed to have shot himself, looked as though he was going to shoot himself. If the setup was so perfect, why mess up by placing the gun in the wrong hand, obviously the 'mastermind' would have observed the gun to place it in the right hand.

Anyway, the most exciting part for me was anticipating whether or how Beckett received the blast. I also enjoyed the small excerpts from Castle's family and the FBI guest appearances and twists.



Five Stars

Grade A-

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