Tuesday, March 30, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 14 'Day 8: 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM' Review

President Allison Taylor: "We rise up together in times of crisis, we carry on! Is that clear!"

Marvelous comeback speech on behalf of the President, we missed her for a good few hours well. The only thing was that white house Chief of Staff, Rob Weiss who seemed too easily influenced the moment a crisis surfaced. In the early stages he came off assertive and most likely the guy willing to do the right thing. I noticed his wedding ring brought to light several times, when Kanin warned that he would go to prison, he didn't once rebuke the idea for fear of losing his family. We didn't really learn much from his character, but he didn't come off as the guy who would take the blame for anything, but would more go through lengths to ensure a safe cover.

The moment President Taylor recruited Jack for President Hassan's safe escort, something was definitely going down. Why did it feel as though Renee was being dragged along for the sake of gaining some decent screen time? I don't understand how she's still allowed to have a gun, let alone accompany Jack on a security tight operation. Renee came from being a complete wreck to fully operational in under a few hours, something is just not right there. They should have given Renee problems to accompany Jack, then have Jack side with her - that would have been interesting and would have added a bit of believability to the situation. I still don't buy how easily Renee found Jack in the last hour. There are some pieces that just don't fit.

On that topic, what is Dana's deal? Really? Doesn't she have a fiancee? It doesn't seem as though Cole is linked or realizes Dana's true nature, but I'm kind of tired of the double agent - villain scenario. I keep saying that Nina was the best double revelation, and it hasn't been topped since. Why would the terrorists take down CTU then rely on Dana for help? At some point she could have mentioned "You could have killed me and now you expect me to help you!" or words to that effect. The plots are all over the place and prove lack of validity and consistency in reporting revelations. What about the body in Hastings' office or so? That wasn't addressed. There are some more hours before the day is over, so I'm looking forward to see how that would unravel.

As for Ethan Kanin, he is a character I have grown to admire, so I would appreciate it if he survives long enough. Weiss can be described with a word that resembles his name. The President gave specific orders. He's young, but that doesn't mean he would have gotten away with it. That's almost like treason, what he tried to do not so? Going against a President's command is something like it, so he could get serious reprimand, even now that his plan didn't execute.

I truly felt sorry for Kayla for twisting her ankle, or so in a chase. Jack was smart enough to read between the lines after Kanin's call (that was a bit iffy as well). It's was obvious that Agent O'Connor, wasn't going to make it after signaling Jack to move for safety, I really liked her in that short time we knew her. Hastings seems to have gained some overnight leadership skills, it would be nice if he discovered Dana's double identity. As for Tarin, I was expecting him to bail out and call Kayla by letting her know the entire plan and beg for forgiveness, but I guess he was just nervous because he was going to loose his life. Let's hope Jack and his team, or however it goes, reach in time. Oh and nice shot President Hassan, good thing Jack gave you that gun. Go Jack!



Three Stars

Grade C-

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