Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life Unexpected: Season 1, Episode 11 'Storm Weathered' Review

Everyone's talking about change, relationships and love, break-ups, rejection, eloping, sex and lies. It's what seems to make up the ingredients of any series, which is why I hope this one doesn't stray and keeps within the framework I fell for; parenting, foster care, adulthood and growing up. It could have a little love with relationships, but not over the top. Nothing else needs to be said.

I haven't come to terms with the Cate and Ryan situation, in fact I have lost interest. The writers are pushing for the dilemma between Cate and Baze, which I am certain would uproot itself for the season finale. The wedding couldn't come around at the most awkward time, then Cate chooses to elope at the most unthinkable moment. I actually didn't ever like Abby, but she seemed to show a bit of responsibility with respect to Baze and his alleged feelings for Cate as if it were a crime to simply have feelings for the mother of his child.

Lux seems perceptive in the Cate and Baze department, but not with her life. Jones invited her to the party, clearly extending the arm for her to also invite Bug, but where was Bug? It would have been more interesting to have her bring Bug for the sake of tension and awkward moments and to have Jones' ex show up. Come on, a little more juice to the plot! Since Bug is in the picture, I believe he would have had some issues with Lux attending that party. As for Lux being jealous of Jones (it didn't take him enough), blame it on the alcohol intake,probably wasn't thinking straight. If only it were that simple to yell at a guy and then show up at his house to apologize, that's if they could be found the next day to have everything be okay.

They are really pushing for Ryan and Lux to have a relationship, a bit too much actually. Half of those conversations should be had with Baze. It is almost as though Ryan is playing the father role and Baze is going back to the younger brother or even the cool friend. I believe the writers need to work on tweaking Baze's maturity. Sleeping with Cate's sister was unjustifiable, no matter how much they sweetened up the package, it still reeked from the inside. How could Baze have seen that as healthy, by any means and develop a relationship just for the sake of it. His partners surely pulled him out from a deep hold, Cate was right to be upset, at least a little bit.

Somehow this storm brought everyone together, but it didn't mend all the tears. Lux needs to work out her relationship with Jones, Ryan and Cate are not the happily ever after, especially since she clearly admitted to having feeling for Baze and Baze still needs to grow up before Lux can see him as a parent. For now, I would like to have more of Tasha and between those younger look-a-likes, Tasha was the most convincing.



Three and a half Stars

Grade B-

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