Sunday, March 28, 2010

24: Season 8, Episode 12 and Episode 13 'Day 8: 3:00 AM - 5:00 AM' Review

24 seems to be slowly picking up its edge, even though it may be on its way out of FOX. That's right I deliberately chose not to mention 24's last season on FOX until I received confirmation. Frankly I wasn't surprised, I admire the twists and turns 24 delivers, but some of it comes off redundant at times. There are also some rumors going on about the series being picked up elsewhere, so I'm not sure about that one. I hope for the sake of the dram, the real drama is brought on. I keep remembering 24 Redemption and how well executed it was. So compared to all these hours grouped together, I could take on having a replay of the Redemption themed plot.

So CTU is under repairs again, how much times could they have some sort of infiltration. Aren't there other governmental operations to bother? Since CTU isn't so secret and all of these people have access to their secretive resources, maybe they should try changing their name and their approach to hiring people. So this is where the supposed jaw dropper with Dana comes up. I am tired of the double agent switcheroo - oh she's good, but then aha she bad. What the point anyway, I didn't seem to care actually. 5 still don't understand the Kevin and his parole officer bit. Was it for her bad side to reveal itself after she kills the officer and reveals her villainess identity. Whatever is going down, it obviously has to take place soon, there is only so long before that body is found and people begin asking questions.

Doesn't it leave you wondering whether Ortiz is in on it. I suppose he's probably clean, but thinking back on it, Dana did show a sense of compassion around him when covering up Kevin's murder earlier on. Boy-o-boy has Dana had a long day, playing a decent two faced character, but I have to let you know writers, I don't buy it. It all depends on what you guys do after and explain 'how on earth could Dana drop out of nowhere and play the bad guy/girl, did we miss something?'.

Aside from that scandal, Jack played his roles convincingly, his plan with the moving armor, upon locating the suspected terrorists and walking into a trap, would have worked, had the rookie listened to him. Jack obviously has more field experience, so he would know what he was talking about it. That recklessness could be blamed on fear, or even a lapse on the writers end to rid of some unnecessary characters. I would applaud them for the consistent attention on the other rookie that risked his life. His death appealed to the audience on a deeper level.

Another cheesy moment would have been Renee saving Jack in the nick of time. I didn't buy that she was able to locate the place so easily. There was no difficulty in it, not to mention how easily they killed off one or two enemies, when earlier it seemed like millions were stationed around them. They tried to make it believable by giving Jack a bullet to the chest or so, but that's about it. What next for Jack and Renee? That seems to be my main interest for now. I would also like to have a Kayla and Tarin interaction. "You between me you____(fill in the blank)". I want President Taylor to make an appearance. There are too many things going on without her being addressed and that is a very sloppy approach. The focus seems to be shifting for 24 and even when there are a remarkable scenes and performances as well as some twists, there are also low levels of difficulty, undeveloped plots, coupled with cheesy themes.

24 is too much of a unique series to have it be spoiled time and time again with misused plots. I still want more hours of 24 fun, to compare the amount of things that occur within one day for a 24 cast member, to the average Joe.

Oh and go Chloe for sticking up to Hastings and Stickin' it to Dana (really don't like her for some reason).

Lexa rates both...


Four Stars

Grade B-

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