Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gossip Girl: Season 3, Episode 13 'The Hurt Locket' Review

I have to be honest, I wasn't really excited for Gossip Girl's return. It didn't leave a huge impression last break, which was probably why this review took so long to post. They story-lines revolved around Chuck, Blair, Lily, Jenny, Serena and a few minor appearances from Dan and Rufus. I didn't expect much here, so basically anything that actually flowed enough for me to tolerate, was easily eaten up.

The main focal point for me was with Jenny and this 'drug' sequence. It surprises me how quickly Jenny could make a 'designer' top flawlessly. I don't understand why she hasn't channeled her 'drug oriented' business into a clothing line arena and afford a better condition for her to live in. Damien has been such a terrible influence on her, and her parents cannot even comprehend the damage Jenny could create with her reputation, if her risky rendezvous ever unfolded. I am surprised that the writers placed Jenny with her mother during the break, without bringing her in the picture. Maybe Gossip girl needs a new face, because it would be interesting if her mother came face to face with Rufus and reveal that their daughter had seriously changed for the worst. Mothers are usually quick to figure that out. I am quite upset that Rufus is so wrapped up in his own ego with Lily, that all of the other important facts surpasses him.

Another interesting storyline would have been the Chuck and Blair scenes. Although I believe that Blair is losing her 'bad ass' edge, it was interesting to have her confront Chuck's 'alleged' mother. There is an underline story there that the writers have chosen to take their time to reveal, and that's okay - I guess. The romance between Chuck and Blair would evidently be placed on a hold as I don't believe that Chuck would be one to let go and walk away. It was also decent to have Blair give advice to Serena about dating Nate. At some points I wondered if secretly she wanted to sabotage their relationship, but that was obviously the way Blair thinks. Everything leads to a game, but what may work for Chuck and her, may not necessarily work for Serena and Nate.

Some people may gear their interest into the Serena and Nate theme, but they really did not add any excitement to the plot. Their storyline has actually been done already; the 'finally we're together but let's take things slow' then there's the conflict and of course things aren't taking slow anymore. The Nate texting Serena every night bit was cute and a bit mushy, yet over exaggerated. There were many unresolved issues that were reluctantly left out. It still felt uncomfortable when Serena went on about Nate around Blair, as Blair equally gave Serena terrible advice. Unless she planned for it to end off the way it did, then she probably helped more than hurt. Still, it would have been really interesting had Serena and Nate felt off on the steam and develop their relationship without the physical.

Ah well, Rufus truly let me down here. This ridiculous 'emotional affair' with this other woman really left a burnt taste. So what if Lily kissed her ex, stop acting like a child and deal with it! There was one point in the earlies of Season one, Rufus used to be so dreamy, but now he is really a depressing drain of emotions.

I don't think any thing else was worth a huge measure of discussion. Dan's little scenes to discuss the cliffhanger with Vanessa was slightly appealing, his advice for Nate was even less. Maybe they should have tried to have Dan play the responsible role in Jenny's life as opposed to focusing on relationships. There are other things going on besides, who likes who, or even who is going to sleep with who.

If Gossip Girl doesn't produce a slap in the face episode soon, I would lose my interest to tune in. Then again who really knows?



Three Stars

Grade C-

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