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Life Unexpected: Season 1; Episode 9 'Formal Reformed' and Episode 10 'Family Therapized' Review

'Formal Reformed' embraced the high-school cliche themed version of 'Prom', yet this episode didn't come off as cheesy. In fact, the winter formal for Lux was her sort of 'Cinderella' moment.

Short Plot Insight - Jones and Lux are each others' dates to the Winter Formal, which opens up some deja-vu memories between Cate and Baze who go through lengths to prevent history from repeating itself. Also, Bug comes back in the picture, which creates some tension between Jones and Lux.

Were Cate and Baze that oblivious with Lux? If her early wish for adulthood in early episodes did not give it away, I seem to recall a moment where Lux dragged Bug into her room, by Cate's. I am certain it wasn't only a make-out session they were interested in and Cate should have had some idea.

The only minor detail between Lux and Bug, was the fact that Baze's place might not be the best venue for 'all the way' romancing. The obvious curtain for a door and the point where Baze dragged Cate's sister to council Lux, had they been a few minutes earlier, well.

on the topic of Cate's sister, where did she come from? She was mentioned shortly in an early episode, we hadn't heard much from her and now she's playing councilor for Lux. It would have been nice had the writers touched on Baze's family life and he asked his mother instead or at least for advice on the subject. They hardly made mention of Baze's father since the last time they bonded, and then would have been a nice time to touch on the topic. Anyway, the writers scripted the sister instead, so I believe they wanted he to play a further part in Baze's life, after admitting to be obsessed with him somewhat.

Baze handled finding a condom in his daughter's room very irrationally which mirrored how a father would react. It's funny how Baze encourages Lux to have a relationship with a younger version of him, knowing full well how he handled the very same situation a long time ago. I found the Lux feud with Cate to be dragging on. I mean Cate is already painted as this pathetic character, and then we have Lux making her seem far worse as if it were even possible. I am truly tired of hearing Cate apologize to-Ryan-to-Lux-to-Ryan (if you understand). Being sorry is one thing, but owning up to it is another.

The entire issue with Tasha could still be debated, Lux knew well enough that Cate is probably as mature as she is. Cate is still surfacing from her high-school life, the mistakes that came with it, and she somehow manages to end up in the same situations time and time again. I was actually surprised when Math Rogers (The Cate obsessed character aka Baze's friend) and Cate were placed together, even when I knew nothing would come of it. Cate would
literally find it challenging to alter her taste in men for the sake of her happiness. It still hasn't registered with Rogers' connection to Lux's school, hence getting her hands on access, but did Cate really not think that Lux would see through the entire facade, on her end.

We actually got some wide-eyed-opener scenes between Cate and Baze, it slightly tainted Baze's character of the typical high school stereotyped jock. His apology didn't even measure up to the amount of embarrassment she had then, after hearing the 'bag over the head' reference - almost being compared to an ugly duckling. That scene shortly won a pass for Cate's uptight and annoying appeal. Baze as surely grown up on the other end, probably still has a little way to go though.

As for Bug and Lux, the whole you better treat her better' could come off a bit cheesy, especially the addition of Bug playing the "Prince not so charming, but attractive, run away with me in my chariot", if you understand that run-on. I disliked the dismissive touch to Jones' girlfriend, without creating the tension of having her at the Winter Formal. She would obvi
ously play the filler, had she gained five seconds of screen time. There have been no notice from the mean girls. I know I mentioned that I didn't want the attention to fall solely on the mean girl approach, I meant it exactly like that. They need to address them at some point, even if the focus is on Bug and Lux at this point.

Oh and who else saw the Cate's sister and Baze love-affair? Something wasn't too right there.

Moving on to 'Family Therapized', for the sake of also coming off cheesy with a 'confessional-therapy' themed episode.

Short Plot Insight - Cate and Baze's custody of Lux is reevaluated in the midst of some serious tension. Bug struggles to find a job and Baze's and Abby struggle to keep their relationship a secret from Cate.

Many elements within this plot surprised me. Firstly Baze and Abby embraced the unexpected theme. Secondly was Lux's hands on approach on everything on between Cate and Baze and other parties. Lux found out that Cate slept with Baze while she was with Ryan and now Lux knows about Baze's relationship with Abby. That's a lot of information to have for fifteen, and they expect her to be responsible when they are not good examples themselves. Thirdly we have that shocking Ryan and Cate reunion, then Lux back at Cate's and Lastly we have Lux dumping her father (is that even possible). Baze needs to take a stand now more than ever.

I believed the last bit was a bit of an insult to Baze. How could Lux dump him? I could understand it if she preferred her old room that came with a door as the reason for moving back, but moving because she wanted Baze to play her friend instead of her father, come on Lux. I am not a fan of the Ryan and Lux father bonding relationship going on. Ryan doesn't seem to be my favorite character lately, so him having a heart to heart with Lux, wasn't really worth the screen time. I don't appreciate him taking away the father discussions Lux could be having with Baze, despite the 'at each others' throats' bit. Actually that was the reason Baze and Ryan fell out in the 'Bride Unbridled'.

I am actually not a huge fan of Ryan and Cate either, I found it unfair of Cate to ask Ryan to intervene with Lux on her behalf. I believed she used the situation to her advantage, in the 'kill two birds with one stone' approach. She winded up with both odds back at the end of the day. The tables have turned in Cate's favor, butt Ryan's reason for coming back wasn't satisfactory. I don't believe that Cate is completely over Baze and that issue hasn't been dealt with between her an Ryan.


Formal Reformed


Three and a half Stars

Grade C+

Family Therapized


Three Stars

Grade C-

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