Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life Unexpected: Season 1, Episode 7 'Crisis Unaverted' Review

Poor Cate we all knew this day was coming, the thing that was uncertain was when. I loathed Cate's character over the past few weeks. For as long as we have known her, she has been manipulative, immature and unable to fess up and admit her responsibilities. It sure felt for the while, as though she was making a fool of Ryan. She managed to turn him into a deceitful, angry man, who had it out for Bazile when Cate was the one at fault. I admire Bazile for his maturity by not coming clean to Ryan. Bazile is actually the only responsible one in all the chaos; the one everyone expects to do horrible yet comes out climbing higher heights. So far he is my favorite character.

I believed Ryan became a bit too harsh over a kiss. He began acting as though he was a gorilla in the jungle fighting for what was his, like Cate would have been the prize. Cate predicted that the truth would unravel the moment Bazile and Ryan were placed in the same room together and the fear was evidently apparent in her eyes the moment she believed Ryan discovered the truth about what happened 'that night'. It would have been obvious that Ryan didn't really know the truth and Bazile saved her butt, had Cate remained calm enough to figure out what exactly transpired. Ryan didn't exactly go to her to find out the truth, he would not have believed anything, had the truth come from Bazile's mouth anyway, so Cate dug her own trap. Who blames her, the guilt was all around her and her conscience was the only thing talking to her then.

Everything happened for the best. The only ting I am uncertain of is what would become of the radio show. If Ryan can't stand being in the same room with Cate, how could he cope being in the same station - for the fans? To tell you the truth, I first believed the competition would have been more action; something where they would be racing for the car, with one hand on the wheel. I imagined Ryan trying to run Bazile over on the road and him coming out the car and revealing the truth somehow. I believed the placing of one hand on the car was a subtle approach. I guess the writers wanted more of a conversational, than just pure action without words. Still, Cate looked very funny in that jumper suite, as though it where eating her alive, portraying an element of discomfort in her own clothes. This probably mirrored her life, the extent that nothing ever fit well together. No matter how hard she shouted at Ryan to stay, he was still going to walk out the door and leave her. Why put off the inevitable.

Honestly, had Cate probably came clean with Ryan in the beginning, he could have blown off some steam in the first few days and eventually come to his senses, but Cate made a complete mockery of him. Funny to mention, that scene made me think of Ross and Rachel from friends, when Ross uttered the "We were on a break!" liner after he slept with someone else. Breaking up doesn't mean squat, so long as you still have romantic feelings for the person you are with, so basing an affair on a technicality according to Ryan, shouldn't cut it. Cate was still wrong, otherwise, why would she feel so guilty and try to keep the truth from him, if "it meant nothing".

That's enough of Cate for now. I thought the scenes between Lux and Tasha were emotionally moving. They were able to deliver the foster child experience, when it came to reuniting with a once washed away parent, on a new slate. It's no surprise Tasha's mom would claim that Tasha reminded her of her past, she could not appreciate nor comprehend the life she conceived standing right in front of her begging for love. That was a truly moving moment for the series yet. It actually embraced the theme of this series I admire most. I understand Cate's stance on things, she wasn't completely in it to make a grown up, life changing decision - so that made sense, but that came with a great level of responsibility, something that Cate needed to grasp. She is still in that teenage zone, where she cannot completely make the 'grown-up' decisions on her own. Bazile isn't on that level either, but he's close enough and strikes me as the parent Tasha needed to have in her life.

I only hope Tasha and Lux would reunite somewhere down the road and either be within the same distance of each other, or get to say the right goodbyes. I compliment Brittany Robertson (Lux) for her final performance; another moving scene for the audience. We can truly see how much she missed her best friend, something closer than her own blood relatives and someone more than family.



Five Stars

Grade A-

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