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Castle: Season 2; Episode 15 'Suicide Squeeze' and Episode 16 'The Mistress Always Spanks Twice' Review

What I admire most about 'Castle' is its ability to produce a multitude of episodes and still have it come off original and unexpected. There may be a few twists you would probably prefer to take a five minute break from, amidst all the 'spanking', but other that that, these two episodes pulled it off.

On doing some trace backs I realized 'Suicide Squeeze' was not reviewed, so let's start off with a summary shall we.

Short Plot Insight - A major league baseball player is found dead on the grounds, after returning from his trip to Cuba. At the scene, Beckett takes a personal interest in the case and Castle deals with not truly knowing his father.

'Suicide Squeeze' literally had you guessing who the murderer was, although I suspected his agent from the beginning, there were moments I wondered. The major league baseball player, Vega apparently wrapped himself up into some risky business, all for the sake of family. I believe having a firm grasp as to how the world of sports works with agent-client relationships, it all boils down to money. I believed it was sweet on the writers end to have Vega's suggested girlfriend-love affair theme turn into a 'what any father would do for their child'.

So we were introduced to some celebrities; Joe Torre - an actual baseball player, for a baseball themed episode. Who does Castle not know really? It was priceless on Beckett's part, watching her act like a girl-crazed fan after shaking Torre's hand, with the extra addition of "I have to call my dad". It's funny Beckett mentioned her dad, especially after the moving scene between them from last episode when dealing with the topic of her mother. It's good to know that Beckett and her father also share Baseball in common, and probably talk to each other regularly. How could Castle not have recognized Beckett's eye gestures, she was literally screaming 'Castle that's Joe Torre man, why haven't you introduced us yet... Castle!', for a split second, she forget about the case she was handling.

Castle is always screened the cool, mellow guy, but it was a helpful character development having the void of his father's absence filled out. We haven't seen or heard of Castle's father's influence in his life, and the story given by his mother about his dad, was probably moments some could relate to; the quick love affair and the son without his father's influence. It actually explains a lot about Castle and his 'trying to grow up' tendencies. At times it seems as though his own daughter plays the parent role.

This actually leads us unto 'The Mistress Always Spanks Twice' episode, which was frankly one of the 'dirtiest'(I use this word very carefully) episodes of Castle. I was actually surprised they showed so many underground details.

Short Plot Insight - A half-naked woman found hanging in a park leads Castle and Beckett to an underground world where sexual spontaneity is lavished. This spells case drooler leaves room for Beckett to slap Castle and remind him of the reality that escapes him.

I believe the focus was too much on the 'sex appeal' side of everything that the sincere value into the plot was thrown under the rug. The plot dealt with a student becoming part of her study, only to have her roommate throw it all away. A lot of the naughtiness became overdone at times, especially noting the scene among Esposito, Ryan and the Mistress. If they were aiming to reflect the 'spank' theme, they over-accomplished their goal, and needed to move on.

It is expected in 'Castle' to have a dead body be discovered, which made the jogger stumbling on the scene a new way to deliver. Still the fantasy nature did give a whiff of suspects. We had 'the boyfriend', 'the jealous classmate', 'the mistress' and finally 'the roommate'. I only suspected the roommate coming closer to the end. Her twisted approach to 'her best friend leaving her' probably gave whiff on her sanity. This theme actually embraced the student competing for the top grade. It reflected the competitive nature of life and especially one in school.

Again, that aspect was played down to screen the funny Castle moments around Mistress Irena, the lawyer-mistress split personality. She played lawyer with the same level of Mistress professionalism, very convincing in both roles. It leaves you thinking, about the lawyer that got you off on that parking ticket charge? I guess it matters that they get the job done (no pun intended). That's it for this one, probably a teaser episode for the season, let's get on ball with Beckett, but wait - how did she know about positions and ones that are and aren't possible? Beckett herself is a mystery.


Suicide Squeeze


Four Stars

Grade B-

The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

Three Stars

Grade C-

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