Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cancellation Buzz Kill: Fox on a Cancelling Spree

All showed great potential.
The shock was announced the day Fox issued the massacre of shows like 'Human Target', 'Breaking In' and 'The Chicago Code'. Series in its early season got the axe; "The Chicago Code" and "Breaking In", some of which could have risen to higher success. I denounce actions like this; 'cancelled' *cringe*, the action alone could send a fan crazy.

Since the recent end to Smallville, most series have been pulled likewise. This is strange, since the series I wouldn't mind living without those that still reside on air, taunting the good ones now gone *eeehmmm* 'Gossip Girl' *eeeehmmm*.

I was routing for "Human Target". I would wait in hope of some glimpse of recognition that this series was really good. I didn't like the series initially, but each week brought an entertaining episode showing plausible continuity.

5 Reasons Why Human Target should have been be Renewed

5) Action, Action and more Action: The excitement doesn't fail. Week after week you have your sweaty guys beating each other up, which should be enough for the ladies. Then we have cleverly articulated stunts, not the average punches, but there is in-depth background from each character perspective.

4) The soundtrack is impeccable. Action sequences are well represented.

3) Christopher Chance. Is that even his real name, the mystery was one I wanted to discover. There was always this sense of familiarity in each plot. Most often it was even nice having Christopher Chance on screen, his eyes would hypnotize a damsel and his fists would kill a wolf in her path. Almost hero like.

2) Guerrero... who doesn't like Guerrero? I didn't initially, I was still trying to figure him out. Then Season 2 gave us an episode dedicated to him, and you should check it out, it was one of the best episodes that season.

1) It keeps getting better. The chances are the network could have found ways to work with the series a bit longer. They might have cut it before it got its real chance to shine.

It is difficult for me to deal with the loss of a favorite series, and they seem to be piling up. First "Dark Blue" got the axe, just as I was getting into the drama of it all. It seemed as if the feminine aspect drove both series to its fall. Human Target was criticized for its introduction of Ilsa Pucci, Chance's love interest. The testosterone in Season 1 seemed like too much initially, but it warmed up to me. Who doesn't like having a bunch of guys on screen with clever manipulative skills. Isla softened the tone of the series, and while it may not have been Season 1 quality, it worked. I was looking forward to a kiss between Chance and Ilsa as a real couple.

I have it difficult accepting the range of good shows that leave television, compared with the horrid ones that remain. I guess this may be in my opinion, there are many fans that support the ones on screen, so why should shows like Human Target get the victory dance. Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles didn't even stand a chance.

Shows that got the official axe on Fox:

Breaking In - Really it just started
The Good Guys - I kind of stopped watching this one, seemed typical.
Lie to Me - Just getting into it, the scheduling was way off.
Running Wilde - Couldn't stand the first episode.
Traffic Light - It just started and I don't know, a possible maybe.


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