Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Good Wife: Character Study "Alicia"

Alicia's orientation with the ideals of her husband are flawed. Peter himself is a man of deception. He is the master of politics, after all he was tainted by his convictions, but reappointed anyway. Alica had a big part to play in his rise, which is ironic since he is the one responsible for the obstruction in her lifestyle.

Housewife?- Could you imagine what Alicia did before she became this powerful? She has risen above her husbands success and shenanigans. The first hint of Alicia's strength was seen in her interview before Peter was elected. Alicia was asked if she was going to run and it wasn't that funny a mention by the reporter. It would be no surprise if Alicia ran and won. I imagine Eli by her side routing for her, possibly even turning against Peter. Her relationship with Eli has grown into a deep friendship, established out of respect. Not even Peter has that.

Alicia carries this admirable love for her children. She's not getting into politics because of them. The way the game of politics is played, both Zack and Grace's name would be dragged into the mud. People play dirty, she doesn't want her children subject to that again.

Alicia and the Guys
Peter doesn't love Alicia.
He only became attracted to her when she came out of the shadow of the household and into the work world, and even that remained a physical attraction. I don't think Peter cares much that Alicia kicked him out, but that she bruised his ego. He set out to hurt Alicia before, when she seemed invaluable. All the pieces fit together. There was always a smirk on his face, even when he was in prison, but now things are really falling apart for him. He doesn't like lack of control.

In "Closing Argument" Peter was willing to set Will up, he sent the package directly to Will's office hoping to get a face to face meeting. Peter blames Will for his marital problems, because he doesn't want to take blame or admit that things are crumbling in his life. Alicia and Kalinda were friends and in Peter's mind, Alicia is at fault because his 'fling' with Kalinda was in the past. The way Peter sees it, Will is to blame even if he wasn't in Alicia's life at the time.

Alica on the other hand put everything Peter did closed up. Everything was supposedly alright and nothing pushed her to deal with it. Soon enough work was going well and what was past remained past, but that was until her past caught up to her work. It more seems like Alicia is reacting to a few stabs in her back that now revealed itself. Alicia always had feelings for Will, but she told herself that maybe with her job and her children, she could be happy without any drama or risky chances. I was happy to have Alicia finally call it quits and realize there was nothing good. Peter is not good for her . Although Will comes and goes for me when dealing with Alicia, the final scene between them in "Closing Arguments" was a decent end to the series. This is a huge leap for Alicia. I do not agree with her having her one-nighter with Will while married. I have a feeling Peter would do all he could to defer Alicia from happiness. Not to mention the press that could paint her entire relationship from a biased angle, making her look like the bad seed.

Alicia and Friendship
Alicia doesn't trust many many people, so she has a handful of friend in her life. The awkward tension between her and Kalinda was uncomfortable and funny to watch. I hope this does not deteriorate their friendship completely. Although Alicia takes things very personally, Kalinda is more of a free thinker. Kalinda is relatively detached from everything in her life. What ever happened to Kalinda's husband reference, they didn't mention anything of it after Blake left?

Alicia is cold when she upset, and the slightest things roll over her, so when she is upset, it is definitely a deep scar. She doesn't let anyone get under her skin. What about the coldness in her eyes when she told Kalinda to 'buzz off'. She doesn't like being made a fool of. She even 'handles' Peter's mom now, when before she used to possibly ignore her. Now Peter's mother sees no wrong in her son, she should at least admit his faults. I don't know if that makes her loving or just naive. I even thought she and Alica were becoming friends once, I guess that's history now.

Character Appeal
I admire Alicia's growth in 'The Good Wife'. Some do not think Alicia would really leave Peter because only then the show would be called 'The Good Ex-Wife'. Peter is bad for Alicia, I am only glad the show is being practical by even having Alicia consider a divorce or having an ounce of happiness. It doesn't mean that Alicia cannot be remarried or still remain 'The Good Wife' for what she was. Alicia is intelligent, so she deserves the chance to visit the best options to cure her beyond happy lifestyle.

The writing on 'The Good Wife' is brilliant. The series can begin in the middle of a scene and still embrace continuity, while giving you enough information to go on. Regularly that show has adopted a style of editing I admire and don't even start with the acting team. For Julianna Margulies (Alicia) and Josh Charles (Will), it's interesting for Josh working with Margulies who is older, but they compliment each other on screen. I have always appreciated this series for its opening sequence, beautiful graphics to depict the ideal good wife. I hope for the best of next season.


"Closing Argument"
4.5 Stars

"The Good Wife" Season 2
5 Stars for Consistency (Not many series can pull this off)

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