Friday, May 13, 2011

Smallville: Curtains Close; Let us Applaud the Final Act

The Journey has just begun

So we've met the closing, the series finale, the end of Smallville or any hope of new episodes. Why look at it like that though, we have so many memories to share. Just because the directors say cut, doesn't mean fans should close up shop. We have our fan fictions and creativity to keep Smallville growing strong. So really It's the series finale, but it's not over.

Reviews would be posted later on. I want to take the time to gather a few memorable clips and quotes from each episode. No spoilers yet! Let us just share in the memory of what we've seen for a short ten years which flew by so quickly. This season flew by quickly. I want to take some time to rehash some of my favorite scenes and share it with you guys, and I hope you would do they same.


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