Friday, May 13, 2011

Smallville: "Season 10" The Cast is smaller but Vastly Effective

Clois: So in love

The series finale is hours here and we find ways to reminisce on the old days of Smallville. The mid-season had its ups and downs and felt shaky at times. Clark was younger, his decisions were flawed with emotion and he was still finding his way. he wanted to fit into a world that did not know he existed. I only became hooked in the later part of Season 7. Season 10 soon became golden. I admired how Clark has grown. It's been ten years and Clark found love, honor in heroism, strength in relationships, the world finally sees his bravery and the difference he has made. He appears flawless.

"Prophecy" pulled Lois into Clark's super world. this was the first time Lois had to deal with Clark's powers, from a heroic perspective. Imagine the title prophecy, the ability to create or predict from the mind. The idea of creating a destined path. The glamor and fame for being a hero doesn't highlight the struggles to control abilities and moderate an average life. Clark could save the entire world and still be lonely. Lois had to walk in those shoes and sped off at will. She wasn't in control at first, she needed a compass; something to keep her focus on the issue at hand. Jor El gave their love a test, and Lois needed to focus, if not on passing, but understanding what was most important to her.

What Jor El was trying to teach both Lois and Clark, was that a Krptonian's destiny was not simple. There would be trials and if Lois wanted to spend her life with Clark in her 'human form' she must understand the source of his strength. There is a level of control Clark has to utilize. A motivating scene for the fans would be the decisions Clark has to make. While Lois attempted to listen with super hearing, she heard the cries of many and she realized that Clark would have heard millions of cries alike; people in need of a hero. Clark is only one person and even with super speed, he cannot be two places at once. It was the first key to Lois' final decision in the end. Was she being selfish by keeping Clark to herself, and wanting him to live a human life? How could he? He has a bigger path to follow.

Smallville sucks us into this imagined world of heroes, yet it feels so real that we are lacking the very same heroes in our life. Why not, there are the very same villains. Sure they dress differently, but they bite as hard and they punch to hurt. Toyman's presence always paints a man reliving his childhood. What makes him persist and play as though life were a game and he had all the pieces? I was upset with Lois when she confronted him and gave in to his threats. That was the second straw for her, having Clark's powers she could have snapped his neck in a second. All Lois had was Clark's safety in her heart, but her actions were wrongly driven. had she waited long enough Clark could have easily protected himself.

The bond between Lois and Clark has grown stronger. It made it very difficult to watch Lois call off the wedding. She is afraid of hurting him or even standing in his way. Clark has conquered that challenge before, but because this challenge is new to Lois, she sees it as a threat. I don't blame her for being concerned, it shows that she is not selfish and she is willing to put his needs before hers.

Kara's short return was within Oliver's story arc. Oliver wanted to rid himself of the evil inside of him. Even though his intentions were clear and he wanted to stand the good fight, he should have seen through it. Granny Goodness was just as sinister as the last time we saw her. Kara put her trust in Oliver and left just when things took a strange turn for the worst. She could have figured out the good and evil analogies and seen through Oliver's misguided moment, but she trusted Clark and that meant everything to her. Oliver is human and greatly influenced. I wanted this to be a victory for him, not a defeat!

Writers of Smallville believe the show is not for a "Superman", but for just "Smallville" - Pre-Superman, giving fruit to why the series is coming to a close. I cannot believe that things are ending so soon. This would really mean no more episodes of Smallville. While I want another season, I know this was coming since the beginning of Season 10. I would miss Tom Welling, Erica Durance and Allison Mack mostly for their contributions to this epic story told. The series is not over yet, so we can stay tuned to the "Finale", then say our goodbyes.

Prophecy: Season 10, Episode 20



Four and a Half Stars

Grade A-


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