Friday, May 20, 2011

Desperate Houswives: Lynette and Tom Seperated?

Stop fighting already!
I admired this couple for what seemed like an inseparable marriage. Didn't it give you guys hope that in the long run things could actually work out? That's the problem with using television couples as role models to your relationship, if the writers say 'divorce' chances are Lynette and Tom would not survive the pitfall. It was clear the writers set them up for a pitfall since the beginning of the season. It became most apparent when they began arguing for the little things. This could be a real life factor, one minute things are close to perfect, then there is the fallout and you wonder 'how did things get so horrible'.

What I understood from Lynette's perspective, she's gotten used to having her husband around, holding him tight. The moment he got this job it was a trap, Lynette no longer had control over him. In their world it leaves you thinking whether their problem was there all along and we just did not see it. Lynette seemed worried when Tom preferred work over everything else. Money began flowing and Lynette became the prize wife. What set things off further was when Lynette was invited to a function with Tom, she got the visitor's ID. Close to nobody just visiting for a day. Lynette winded up embarrassing herself and Tom after stealing a VIP pass for a lady who had to give the main speech. 'Big Ouch!' I felt bad for Lynette.

She pushed Tom to defy Carlos, for the 'better opportunity' and she ended up being screwed. It sucked the way things degenerated. Each week became more painful to watch on Desperate Housewives, just because Tom and Lynette refused to really communicate with each other. Instead of arguing over remodeling Tom's office and the way Tom 'should have it', Lynette should have sat him down and admit that she was afraid of him changing. She has clinged to this reality of her life that is no longer there and as Tom changes she is unable to keep up. That explains everything they are going through. So many arguments could be avoided if she just chose to tell him why she was upset instead of yelling and Tom should stop being arrogant for one second to realize that shouting back would not have helped the situation.

When Tom admitted to sleeping with Renee during his 'break' with Lynette earlier this season, I thought of the Ross and Rachel situation on Friends. Ross' justification 'We were on a break'. The mere fact that his solution to a problem was having a meaningless fling without actually facing the problem head on, showed their maturity level. That judgement reflects that if their is a problem later down the road, you wouldn't choose to sleep with the random stranger, instead you would learn how to deal with the issues head on. This isn't a shrink session, but honestly Tom lost any appeal when he stood up for what he did and used his children to guilt Lynette into staying with him. I was more upset with Lynette for giving in.

I sensed something a bit off in their relationship then as to how strong it was. They just let simple, petty things destroy their relationship, now their baby is going to have to endure living with separated parents. How is that going to work out anyway? I am disappointed in them both. They have so much to be thankful for and they are using each other as weapons. Wake up Lynette and Tom! Both of you are looking for a reason to stay into a relationship, guilting a poor couple into spending their time instead of facing your dilemmas. It's not a puzzle, it's probably more simple, just find the love you already have in your hearts, so those that do look at you for support might have that hope.


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Anonymous said...

Honestly I was bugged by the timing of the seperation. Tom can handle Lynette controling what he wants her to control (being his rock to catch him if he falls as he chases dreams or takes care of the yucky stuff that would make him bad cop if he dealt with it.) But he gets where he wants to be in large part because of her helping him all these years and now she's disposable. And recall how he got the big offer-being discovered in Lynette's old job! It could have just as easily been her.