Friday, May 13, 2011

Nikita: Season 1 Definite Big Leap into Season 2

There are moments in life we try to amend for our mistakes. Revenge is sought and the truth is hidden, yet we still surface and try to do what is right. When we met Nikita in the pilot, it resembled a similar fraction of a show I once loved and missed dearly ‘La Femme Nikita’. I missed actors like Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis on screen and felt like nothing could replace what was created. I didn’t expect Nikita to win me over, but the series did. The series direction was independent of thought and unique in direction. The show had its similarities to the previous premise, but eventually took its own form into what could be considered one of the ‘best series on television’.

I took a break from reviewing the series and just sat back and watched with enjoyment. Each week brought on an addiction to the remote control at that hour, and everyone saw my excitement when the episode began. I always expected something phenomenal. The camera work is exceptional and unique. They not only have the best actors and actresses to work with, but the directing staff is owed great commendation. Often flawless use of continuation and remarkable fight scenes unlike anything I have seen on television. Maggie Q as Nikita shines best when she puts up a defense and exemplifies a glow in caring for those she loves.

A particular comment was made by few surrounding Shane West’s acting; this series should put a dent in their hesitations towards him. He is a skilled actor, and uses ideal techniques to deliver each sequence. I fall for him every second he is on screen. The plot mirrors an interesting writing team. The writing is ahead of the audience, which is entertaining. Just when the moment passes and you believe you understand the direction of the series; it takes a spin at you. Even the characters confusion is highlighted in the plot. Particular mention should go to the episodes where we felt like Division’s days were numbered and Nikita and Michael had leverage, but that in itself was misguided and Percy had the upper hand all along. That was clever writing, the pieces are not all laid out and the feedback is phenomenal.

The arc resembles life on a whole; we are only faced with the puzzles that are in front of us. There is no telling what agendas people have up their sleeve, but we can prepare ourselves enough to prevail on hostile ground. Michael and Nikita were faced with an overload. They came close to losing their necks, but succeeded because of their hearts and true intention to make for better. Although Alex’s intension was motivated elsewhere, she loved Nikita. Her direction in this series was confusing to me at first, but I understand what the writers are doing now. There are no longer good and bad guys and the fight, there are human beings that were bruised, that loved and have scars that need to be healed. It’s that simple and complicated, it’s what makes Nikita shine as a series. I have no doubt of a renewal coming this way. Michael and Nikita’s relationship have not been typical either. They both have their baggage and are willing to work together to find something that works for them both.

Those who have not begun watching this series yet, should begin now. Buy the entire season when it comes out on DVD. This is coming from someone who had harsh doubt about this series’ success in the beginning, and I have fallen in love with everyone on screen. You would be won over as well. What probably heightened this success was the actual actors and actresses behind the scenes. Maggie Q (Nikita), Shane West (Michael), Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex), Aaron Stanford (Birkhoff), Melinda Clarke (Amanda), Xander Berkeley (Percy) and Tiffany Hines(Jaden) all have warm personalities off screen. You can tell when a cast works well together behind the scenes, it shows. “Pandora” was particularly the best episode for the season. Characters are humanized and you relate with them in this agent world. As for the revenge sought, it relates with the plot. Our lives can be seen as a narrative, we create our own escapes and we love deeply. Here’s to Nikita and for waiting until the next season renewal is announced and Season 2, Episode 1 is aired.


Season 1 Rating

Five Stars

Grade A+

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