Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chase: Why no second season?

Chase: Could have been Great
Chase started off with strong characters worth breaking their necks to send the necessary behind bars. The show pulled in villain guest appearances like Travis Fimmel, Robert Knepper, Robert LaSardo, Yancey Arias and Jennifer Morrison to name a few. The series rested on adrenaline boosts that rage fan scores. What put the dent in the flow of the series, was the scheduling misplacement. Chase took what seemed like a long vacation from NBC and reemerged recently to air on Saturdays, this definitely didn't look good. What I feared the most was that Chase would lose its appeal and decline further in ratings due to this unsettling placement.

Kelli Giddish (Annie Frost) took up a recent role in "The Good Wife". The actress has to move on, especially since a cancellation was recently announced. This was not easy news for me to take on. Chase took its name literally and gave fans a guaranteed trill of a catch. When the season returned on Saturdays, it took a hard bump. It was not as strong as it used to be, but character chemistry was still there and I had hope.

This would have been Amaury Nolasco's comeback from "Prison Break" and his stay was short lived as well. The only character I found did not fit in as well as the others, was Jesse Metcalfe as Luke Watson. He always had this 'us and them' attitude about him. It was hard to take his character seriously for me especially since I remember him from his role in "Desperate Housewives". He took on more comedy-soap opera appearances and there weren't enough layers added to make him more appealing to the Marshall world. If it was took on, they took to it too late. Daisy was used to pull him in, only their chemistry was not profound.

The changes in the series seemed most apparent after the switch to Saturdays. Before the series scored highly with episodes "Narco: Part 1" and "Narco: Part 2". These episodes placed Annie in a tight spot and created an adrenaline aside from the catches they were used to. Was it enough? Sometime after the show took a break. I wondered what was going on that the network had to push Chase into a hiatus. The storyline focused on a partial reveal to Annie's past with her father, but didn't delve too much into that front. I was routing for her and Jimmy, but they even kept pushing this perfect life between him and his girlfriend, so I felt lost in the direction for an AnJi shipper.

"Breakout Kings" is a new series which came out on A&E, and it recommends similar thrills of 'the catch'. Although they bare similarities through borrowing of guest stars and going to jail analogies, Breakout Kings has a better chance of succeeding Chase.

Why no second season? Besides all the flaws in the series, I still wanted another season. It had action, decent character chemistry and I like Annie Frost. I only hoped others felt the same way.


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Amanda said...

I feel the same way! I really liked the show!! After watching tonights season finale, I want it to have a second season mor then ever. I guess we can hope.