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Castle Season Finale: Was it a "Knockout"?

The court scene was an epic twist
The series definitely gave some unexpected twists. It was reported that someone would be killed off at the end of this season and my first thought was Captain Roy Montgomery since we hardly saw his character anyway. We usually saw Montgomery behind the scenes and rarely did he ever get his own centered episode.When the moment arrived for him to have his last dance, it had an impact. I sensed the writers tried to add a few layers on to him at the last moment.

We had him asking around for the best anniversary present, showing more screen time with him, his wife and children. All of those are definitely bad signs, because just as we are warming up to him, his character could be plucked away leaving a dent behind.

How many of you felt Beckett overreacted a bit when she realized Montgomery was willing to sacrifice his life for hers. I actually didn't, even if it was dramatized, I believe Beckett loved him and would rather her life be taken, instead of having an incredible guilt for his kind actions. When the episode broke into Kate's past zone, I knew everything would unravel from there. What shocked me was Montgomery's involvement, but I was happy the writers chose to give him a heroic exit, instead of making him a villain. He was young, naive and he wanted to do better by Kate. It worked fine and it made me actually miss him deeply after his courageous act.

My favorite scene would be the montage between Beckett and Castle, alongside Montgomery's murder. Beckett's reaction was priceless and Castle's comforting showed character. Castle had to lift a broken Beckett up to get her out of the room, he then had to comfort her, while trying to be subtle and sweet. That was an intimate scene between them. Another scene preference came more at the end of the finale, but first I must mention how cute it was to have Castle and Becket argue with each other.

Argument Excerpt
Castle: Walk away, they are going to kill you Kate. If you don't care about that at least think about that is going to affect the people that love you. You really want to put your dad through that? What about Josh?

Beckett: ...and what about you Rick?

Castle: Well of course I don't want anything to happen to you, I'm your partner! I'm your friend!

Beckett: Is that what we are.

Castle: All right you know what I don't know what we are. We kissed and then we never talk about it. We nearly die frozen in each others arms, but we never talk about it so no I've got no clue what we are. I know I don't want to see you throw your life away!

Beckett: Yeah well last time I checked it was my life not your personal jungle gym, and for the past three years I have been running around with the school's funniest kid and it's not enough!

Castle: You know this isn't about your mother's case anymore, this is about you trying to hide, because you've been chasing this thing for so long you are afraid to find out who you are without it.

Beckett: You don't know me Castle! You think you do, but you don't!

Castle: I know you crawled inside your mother's murder and didn't come out. I know you hide there, same way you hide in these no where relationships with men you don't love. You could be happy Kate, you deserve to be happy (Just say the rest Castle, You deserve to be happy with me!), but you're afraid.

Beckett: You know what we are Castle we are over now get out! (Ouch)

The entire time Castle was telling Beckett that he loved her, without saying the exact words. I appreciate writing like that, acting done so well like that. Castle and Beckett have been an ongoing theme for a while and I was happy Castle was picked up for a second season, then a third and now we are having a fourth. It is shows like this that make you happy to know that they can possibly be around for a long time. Castle and Beckett are good friends and that doesn't come around often. To point out the piece that Castle mentioned; they did kiss and it wasn't discussed after that. I enjoyed having Kate call Castle, Rick. We all know that is his first name, but if you look at that scene closely, it made things more intimate and personal between them.

I enjoyed having Martha counsel Castle after his argument. She knows how Castle feels about Beckett and her wisdom as a mother to her son shows. It is good to know Castle has two rational people in his life. Even if Alexis is going away, she would still stay close to her father.

Beckett was just acting out of rage and when she wanted Castle out of the station, Montgomery said okay. Beckett's expression to his response was comical, it was obvious she had just gotten into a fight, but her rational side made her realize that Castle was right and she had to be careful.

"I forgive you" I thought it was big of Becket to forgive Montgomery. She saw him as a father and saw his selfless act. It made him human for his past mistakes. I actually knew he wasn't going to trick Beckett, I would be surprised if he did. He practically told his wife he loved her before she left and embraced his children. Showing signs of affection at the final minutes of a series is not good, he knew what he was going to do. I felt for his wife at the funeral. Beckett got one step closer to lose another person close to her.

On to the final scene, Beckett got shot? She couldn't be dead, that would be critical for this series. Castle finally telling Beckett the obvious, that he loved her, I only hoped that they wouldn't use the 'You thought she was dying right' cliche, to get out of it. I hope Castle repeats himself, and stop being so afraid.

Memorable Selections

Beckett in a cop uniform - she actually looked like a real life cop.

Martha's Advice to Castle
For Someone who is better than halfway through the movie, don't waste another minute of it!

Special Mention goes to Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Roy Montgomery.

Castle "Knockout" Season 3, Episode 24
5 Stars

Castle Season 3
4.5 Stars

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