Friday, May 13, 2011

Parks and Recreation: Leslie and Ben

Leslie: I'm allergic to fingers.

This is definitely the first I have heard of this allergy. Ben sweetly asked Leslie to make a wish on the eyelash he took from her cheek and Leslie had an immediate reaction. I applaud Amy Poehler (Leslie) for the delivery of that moment. Simply hilarious.

I have been a fan of Parks and Recreation since the first Season, but nothing keeps me as glued to the television screen like the scenes between Leslie and Ben. All week I've waiting for some advancement in their relationship, be it a conversation or just a simple smile. Adam Scott (Ben) knows how to move a scene with his expressions. They leave you either cracking up or in tears of laughter.

The moment he entered last season, I didn't like him at first, he seemed as though he was stirring up trouble. Getting to know him, I understood that he was learning Pawnee and he warmed his way in. I've seen Scott somewhere before, earlier on television. I only realized that he played Jeremy in my favorite romantic movie "Leap Year". I don't think that was where I knew him from, I didn't like or pay attention to Jeremy much in that movie.

Leslie Knope also carries a scene to its fullest. She delivers her lines with such finesse, it feels so natural. Although in the earlies Leslie came off crazy for her actions, she is humanized now and more accomplished. I admire the pace the writers move with Leslie and Ben's relationship. The kiss in "Road Trip" was unexpected and warming. After all that tension created, I would have been upset had they not kissed.

I do not see the point for the relationship barrier between workers as Chris' rule. It doesn't change the feelings they would already have. For someone who doesn't like to give bad news, he surely knows how to put a dent in something good. I was happy Chris mistook Leslie's cheap kiss with Tom seriously, Leslie and Ben would have had Chris watching them like a hawk had it been them instead. It would have been upsetting had Chris walked in on Leslie and Ben in the final minutes of the episode.

I always wondered why Chris wasn't harsh with April and Andy, but technically Andy is not officially with the department right (?).

Here's to a well established couple that I am routing for. They really like each other and it is infectious when they smile and 'hang out'. They seem like cool people to just chill with. Ben is ideal for Leslie. He accepts her for who she is and he embraces her success as just that. In "The Fight" I admired how he reached out to Ann on behalf of Leslie, it showed that he really cared about her happiness. He couldn't stand to see her unhappy.

Lexa oh I'm rating them both...

Five Stars

Just for that Leslie and Ben goodness 

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