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Private Practice: Season 4, Episode 17 "A Step Too Far" Review

When it comes to commitments, many are at odds for several reasons. We try to tell ourselves that we are in a particular situation, because we give in to that selfish desire. It's human and Addison has embarked on that journey for a long time, but here she showed how mature she was and admitted it to herself. "A Step Too Far" definitely embarked on the journey of going a bit too far on the selfish.

A husband who turns an affair into a righteous act of love, manages to tear two sisters' relationship apart. Cooper suggesting to Sheldon that he could lose Violet if he forged a relationship with one critic opposing Violet, boldly telling Sheldon that he should not be happy because of Violet. Then we have Sam who once protested to Addison that they should be together, that he loved her and he wanted to be with her, and when they finally are together he goes a step too far and gives into temptation, limiting Addison to just that. If he truly loved her, he would want her happiness and he would not be so cold, but we know what it means to go a step too far to get the 'wants' and the 'needs', sometimes not even for the benefit of others.

Private Practice has been my favorite series since season 1, mainly because of how much Addison's conflicted character and human flaws made her out to be interesting. Lately Addison has annoyed me, based on the decisions she has made before. I was not for an AddiSam relationship, but this episode brought Addison back into perspective for me. She showed her flaws and she owned up to it. She is loving and she wants to have love. Which made me question why she stood with Sam after his kiss with Naomi. Saying nothing happened is not enough, because it points out that something did happen emotionally. Sam isn't perfect, but he is as flawed as anyone else and is still finding out what his values mean to him. Addison wants a child and he cannot just tell her that he has a family already and make that be enough. He cannot tell Addison to wait. Addison is a passionate person and she needs to have someone in her life that brings that out in her.

I believe this was a comeback for Private Practice, because lately they have resorted to fillers that make up the series. As much as Addison's mother brought perspective into her life, everything surrounding that storyline was held up by a string. So this episode had exceptional writing and beautiful acting. I enjoyed the two cases, they underlined conflict with self and morals. The case with the pregnant sister and her affair with the husband crossed many unethical boundaries that could not be simplified within this hour. The husband's actions felt like a slap in the face, he gave into his selfish desires and estranged sisters because of it. Had the circumstances ended with the sister taking that child away and leaving with the husband, I would have been enraged beyond words. I was happy that they came to an agreement and did not make the child suffer through the case of adulthood mystery that lead to unnecessary fights. I was disappointed in the husband, even as he was upset with his wife through their arguments, his actions were cruel and he was willing to take away the one thing his wife wanted. Any man willing to hurt someone like that should be looked over thoroughly. Even with love that self indulgence should turn away anyone. The wife came out victorious in the end still opening the door for her sister to be an aunt.

The second case with Cooper was heart warming; the boy with the dilemma of choosing between a scholarship and his life. Cooper was pushed on taking risks and choosing that the end should justify the means. At one point I thought Cooper would have overreacted and the boy's risks would have been taken as an eye opener for Cooper. Instead, Cooper's concern panned out and the boy was left in a coma state after disregarding Cooper. Then to top it off, he did not even have to wrestle at all, because he had his scholarship already. What a sad story, had he listened to Cooper, her would have been celebrating anyway. Sometimes we often wonder whether these risks would be worthwhile, and if we leap a hard fall would follow, or would we simply land on our feet?

Violet's book has been coming and the picture taken by Pete was the defining moment of all chapters. This storyline seemed somewhat isolated. I am happy for Violet, the fact that she could turn all her challenges into a book that helps others is inspiring for anyone. She has often sought help from her colleagues through her decision making and the claims from the critic was probably on point, but harsh. Knowing the critic's meaning of her words brought clarity, and Violet has done some crazy stunts, but it makes her as complicated as anyone else around her, she's not perfect either.

Oh and Sheldon, you could date whoever you want, Violet would get over it. Oh and Cooper well, it's interesting to have you comparing yourself with others achievements. It was good to have Charlotte by his side. Since Audra McDonald is leaving Private Practice this season, her absence this hour was not unexpected, but her appearances should point more towards her exit. That would put a dent in a Naomi and Sam reconnection. We've have hardly seen Maya since she gave birth, I wonder if those storyline would come into play. How would Naomi leave her granddaughter behind. Last tie she mentioned helping others in a different way, maybe she might do that solo. The writers might try to keep a window open in case Audra McDonald decides to make some guest appearances, if in case that is possible for her. She would be missed.

A Step too Far
3.5 Stars - That one B Plot really annoyed me


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Lexa Cliche said...

Just found this one in drafts you guys. I hope you can still remember this installment. It was the one that made me upset mostly with AddiSam's relationship, so if you are a shipper, be prepared for some harsh reality references.