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Castle "To Love and Die in L.A" Review - Caskett just kiss already!

The actual set for 'Heat Wave' so realistic.
The tension between Beckett and Castle is growing. This was especially established in "Countdown" when death was close in proximity. Their love story hasn't even begun, yet they are hopeless romantics. They ache for that chance to be close, and Castle obviously wants to kiss her. So what's holding them both back? They find time to bond over cases. The irony; the most traumatic the case, the closer they become. I don't know what the writers are waiting on!

Royce's letter to Kate:
Now for the hard part kid... It's clear that you and Castle have something real and you're fighting it, but trust me putting the job ahead of your heart is a mistake. Risking our hearts is why we're alive. The last thing you'd want is to look back on your life and wonder if only.

Royce truly knew Beckett by saying those words. It gave a clear depiction of the person Beckett is. There is a clear connection between her and Castle, but she's not making anything of it. Castle is partially to blame for that, when either party is ready to attempt a relationship bump, the other is occupied. Now they are both in that zone where they realize how they feel and nothing is surfacing. Everything is just hushed like grumbles in their throats. It's all in the fear of taking the leap. The choice of risking everything for a chance at something different.

This was Dominic's Purcell semi-comeback after "Prison Break". I tweeted Stana Katic on his Terminator like appearance after she called him a "gentle giant". Who else pictured Arnold Schwarzenegger's "I'll be back" one liner, when Dominic's character (Ganz) first came on screen, pistol in hand. Almost built like an actual machine. Ganz was nothing like Lincoln Burrows; he was cold and stiff, but he was still a good looker. Even though Purcell was a guest star, he was hardly screened. The center was mainly on Beckett and her seeking revenge. When faced with Ganz there was no doubt, Beckett was going to pull that triger. She had to avenge Royce's murder.

Beckett loved Royce deeply. He hurt her and yet she was still willing to kill for him. The moment Beckett revealed to Castle the impact Royce had on her life, it was a comfortable moment. She trusts Castle and it is clearer now that Castle loves and respects her. Beckett was at ease talking to her best friend. I wonder how her conversations are with her actual boyfriend, he must see how much Castle means to her.

I enjoyed Caskett in LA. Since they visited the set of 'Heat Wave', I expected to see Natalie Rhodes from 'Nikki Heat'. It would have been so perfect had she made an appearance, but again the focus was on Beckett. I admire the transition this series has taken, relating to real life situations. The connotation are as close to the actual picture; of course after the book emerges the movie. It's good that they gave us some progress on that picture.

Castle was flashier in LA. It was where he could shine the most. He had to calm Beckett down in defense, in fact he was actually 'fitting in' to the LA lifestyle. It was nice to have these two enjoy themselves. The staged interrogation room was classic hilarious. I could just imagine the directors saying after Beckett and Castle were finished questioning the witness:

-Yeah hurry up and close the set, that's supposed to be the dressing room.

Key Extras:
Lanie & Esposito need a little more screen time, instead of sneaking a few smooches in. They did look so good together.

Beckett has a good heart, those she loves are greatly cared for.

No Alexis and Castle? I heard the actress was leaving the show, although she gains little screen time, I would miss her. She is already a big part of Castle's life.



Four and a Half Stars

Grade A-


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